Do A Little Dance . . . It’s Friday!

Jan 31st

Oh my! It’s not only Friday, but it’s the last day of the month!  It seems like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and here we are, on the brink of February already! I swear, with each passing year, the time seems to go by that much faster.  I don’t like it!  Remember when we were kids and days lasted forever, vacations even longer?  It was awesome!  Well, the weekend is upon us, and as usual I am looking forward to no alarm clocks!  I don’t think we have any plans this weekend except puttering around the house on Saturday, and making healthy Super Bowl snacks and watching the game on Sunday.  GO SEAHAWKS!

Backward Day – Just a few days ago we had Opposite Day, and today we have Backward Day!  Good thing they weren’t on the same day, it could get really confusing!  Today is a day to use your imagination, and were appropriate, do everything backwards! This is especially fun to celebrate with kids. For a giggle try writing or reading backwards!  Wear your shirt with the back in the front, or talk backwards (now THAT would be a challenge)  Give it a try – you may have a really good time!

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – Art can make us feel so good.  Looking at a beautiful work of art can change the way you see thing.  Not only is some art valuable, and other art valuable for no reason that I can fathom, it can still be appreciated for many reasons.  when you look at a work of art as yourself: How does it make me feel?  Is it bringing up any emotions?  What is it telling me?  Have you ever seen a painting, statue, or other work of art that just moved you – even if you didn’t know why?  I have a painting that evoked a response in me the moment I saw it.  And I don’t know why!  It’s not even that great of a painting!  Everyone who sees it looks at it, then at me, like that just don’t get it. When I look at it though, I get lost in my imaginings about what is happening in the picture, what the characters are thinking, what they are doing . . . and I never get tired of looking at it.  I hope for everyone reading that you find your piece of artwork that you can lose yourself looking at it. 
Food Celebration of the Day
National Bread Month – Bread has inspired many myths, such as turning a loaf upside down brings bad luck and stashing bread in the basement wards off ghosts. (I had never heard of those – I’m laughing!)Quick Soft Breadsticks

As we head into this last work day of the week, I hope everyone finds a reason to celebrate, and enjoys every moment of the day.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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