Creating a Vacuum, Thanking our Postal Workers, Cancer is a Dirty Word, God Bless the USO and Homemade Soup!

Feb 4th

Create a Vacuum Day  is a day that we must just wonder why it came about and what the motivation was of the person who set it up.  There are a few theories though . . . 1) A frustrated, hardworking housewife, tired of the chore of vacuuming, decided to declare a day to commemorate the task.  The problem with this theory would be that if that were the case it would very likely just have been called “Vacuum Day” or “No Vacuuming Day”.  Why would they put the word “create” in the title?  Which brings us to #2)  A crazy, mad scientist created this day to celebrate the creation of a vacuum during work in the laboratory.  Would that just be run of the mill scientific work though? Well, yes, it would!  And that brings us to #3: Somewhere there was someone who was desperately in need of simplifying their life and they came up with this day.  They just wanted to create a vacuum that would take all of their daily work, chores and the clutter out of their life – even if it were only for one day to allow them to be free to enjoy a simple leisurely life.  Now THAT’s an idea that makes some sense in the hurry scurry world of today.  No matter how you  choose to celebrate this day, make it be a good one for you.

Thank a Mailman Day is the chance to say thanks to the person who delivers your mail. They are there six days a week no matter what the weather, always doing their jobs.  There are carriers who walk their routes and some who drive them.  Did you know that Pony Express riders were the most famous early American mailmen?  Their motto was “neither rain, no snow, nor death of the night, can keep us from our duty.”    This motto is believed date back to ancient times. The most popular variation is “Through rain or snow, or sleet or hail, we’ll carry the mail. We will not fail”.  If you have a chance to see your mail carrier, or visit the post office, give the postal worker a thank you for all of their hard work.

Liberace Day – Wladziu Valentino Liberace, best known by just his last name Liberace, was an American pianist and vocalist.  He was born on May 16, 1919 and died February 4, 1987.  His career spanned four decades of concerts, recordings, motion pictures, television and endorsements – and during those years Liberace became world-renowned. In the 1950s through the 1970s he was the highest paid entertainer in the world, and lived a life of flaboyant excess – both on and off the stage.   I remember watching him on various shows throughout my childhood and will always appreciate his incredible musical talent.

USO Day – The USO is an incredible organization that was started on February 4th, 1941.  Its primary mission is to lift the spirits of American troops and their families, and is best known for its entertainment of deployed troops.  Every major airport has a special terminal JUST for the USO, to welcome home troops from overseas, where there is always someone to let them know how much they are appreciated and respected.  When my husband and I went to New Jersey to watch my son graduate from USCG basic training we passed by the USO terminal on our way out of the Philadelphia airport.  There was a crowd of appreciative USO representatives, all with their flags, food and wide open hearts waiting for the soldiers as they arrived home, some of them for the first time in a very long time.  These wonderful, loving people will be there waiting, which is especially important for the returning men and women who don’t have anyone there just for them. Sometimes coming home can be bittersweet without anyone there to wrap their arms around you to say they’re glad you are back.

If you are of a mind, check out the official USO website and find out ways you can contribute or help out.  Our military members work hard for us, risking their lives day in and day out.  The least they deserve is some entertainment, and someone to enthusiastically welcome them home.  Let’s all show them we are proud to be American’s and proud of them for all that they do.  Thank you USO for being there.

Homemade Soup Day – There is nothing quite as soul satisfying as a hot bowl of homemade soup.  In addition to being comforting, some soups are known for being medicinal as well!  They can detoxify the body of impurities, and boost our immune systems.  The old home remedy of a bowl of chicken soup for a cold, it really works!!!  Some soups have been used for centuries as a way to promote good health and to cure what makes us sick.  For today, celebrate this tummy warming treat by stirring up a pot of your favorite soup.  It’ll make you feel good from head to your toes.   What soup makes you feel the best?  If I don’t have the time to make a batch of my own soup – or if I happen to be in town when I’m feeling sniffly, my very favorite restaurant soup is Vietnamese Chicken Pho . . . Oh my goodness, it always makes me feel better, no matter what it is that is ailing me.

World Cancer Day – Cancer.  It’s a dirty word to so many of us.  We hear the word every day, we have all known and loved someone who has suffered from it.  It is not just one disease, it is many.  Cancer of various forms are a scourge on all societies all over the world.  What all forms of cancer have in common is the ability of the cancer cells to invade other parts of the body and divide uncontrollably.   What if the entire world were to join forces to fight cancer?  Today on World Cancer Day 2013 is a time when organizations and individuals around the world are sending the message that ending caner should be a global health priority.  One of the most visible vents marking this occasion in the United states will be in New York where the Empire State Building will be lit blue and orange on Monday, Febraury 4th, for the 3rd year in a row.  These colors are those of the Union for International Cancer Control, which is the organizer for World Cancer Day.   the focus is to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about cancer.  Every year 7.6 million lives are lost to cancer worldwide, more than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined – according to statistics given by the UICC.

This year the focus is on dispelling damaging myths and misconceptions about cancer, and will try to improve knowledge about cancer and dismiss these 4 myths:
  • Myth 1: Cancer is just a health issue. Truth: Cancer is not just a health issue. It has wide-reaching social, economic, development, and human rights implications.
  • Myth 2: Cancer is a disease of the wealthy, elderly and developed countries. Truth: Cancer is a global epidemic. It affects all ages and socio-economic groups, with developing countries bearing a disproportionate burden.
  • Myth 3: Cancer is a death sentence. Truth: Many cancers that were once considered a death sentence can now be cured and for many more people, their cancer can be treated effectively.
  • Myth 4: Cancer is my fate. Truth: With the right strategies, a third of the most common cancers can be prevented.

The truth is that we are all at risk for the insidious evil that is cancer – focus on eating right, getting healthy, quit smoking if you smoke, stop other behaviors that can give cancer a foothold in your life.  Become familiar with behaviors that increase your risk, and work hard to change them. You deserve it, your children deserve it, and so on.

Today we have honored the wonderful work of the USO, thanked our postal workers, commemorated a famous musician, wished to live in a vacuum for one day, had a bowl of steaming hot soup and focused on preventing cancer.  It’s been a busy, but a good day for me, and I hope it has for you too.  God bless you, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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