Crazy! Bendy! Paper and Steel! What Are We Celebrating??? Stop By And Find Out!

Jan 3rd

Do you ever have one of those days at work that you just feel good about how much you got done?  Yesterday was one of those days.  I’m hoping today will be too.  With only a few glitches with the computer being slow and email not wanting to do its job, it turned out to be very productive.  I had the help of a couple of wonderful teenagers who gave their time to help put away old files.  Thank you Sarah and Will for all the hard work – without any complaints or hesitation, they both just leaped in to do what needed to be done.  Definitely made the day brighter!

Festival of Sleep Day – If you’re anything like me, now that Christmas and New Year’s Day are over,  you are left feeling exhausted and like you just can’t get enough sleep!  Wouldn’t a day to JUST sleep be lovely?  Well, sadly enough the day did arrive . . . on a work day.  They should have had this one be on the 1st Saturday of the month, not on a specific date! That way more people could enjoy it.  If you are lucky enough to be able to take a nap today, please make it a good one . . . since the rest of us are hard at work where it’s not a good idea to take a nap.  Not only would the boss not like it, but think about where you sit at work, or what you do for your job?  It probably doesn’t translate well to napping . . . face plant to the keyboard comes to mind.


Fruitcake Toss Day – I didn’t get around to making a fruitcake this year (or any year actually) but I suppose if I had it would have been a good idea to just toss it out if I couldn’t find any takers.  Doesn’t that seem like a horrible waste of ingredients and time?  Hmmmm . . . if everyone wants to toss out old fruitcakes, rather than eat them when they were given, maybe I shouldn’t waste my time!  BUT, if you have an aunt who just insists on giving you a rock hard fruitcake that nobody can even think about eating without breaking teeth, then at least make tossing it out fun.  There is only one way to celebrate this one . . . you take it out into a field, with other people who are also tossing out their old fruitcakes . . . and you see who can throw it the farthest.  Now, note – it is not a good idea to throw the cake AT anyone.  They could get hurt.  Just have fun with it!  Maybe I should make one next year – even if nobody wants it.  This celebration sounds like fun! 

Humiliation Day –  Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and humiliating someone is definitely not treating them with respect.  Today is not a day about causing someone humiliation, but to bring awareness to people about the negative impact that humiliation has on people.  Be nice to everyone around you, and treat them with respect.  Nobody likes to be humiliated, so do not be the cause of someone else feeling that way.

Drinking Straw Day – Oh what a lovely and wonderful invention.  I LOVE straws.  I actually use one all the time.  Cold beverages hurt my teeth, and a straw helps keep the cold from coming into direct contact with them.  So who do we have to thank for this marvelous invention?  Marvin Stone patented the spiral winding process to manufacture the first paper drinking straws.  He already made paper cigarette holders, and through that work came up with the idea of making paper drinking straws.  Before this point people were using the natural rye grass straws – which actually sounds like it would make the drink taste awfully yucky.  Now the bendy straw was invented in 1937 by Joseph Friedman – and we should silently thank him every time we use one.  What other kinds of straws are there?  Well, there are paper straws, bendy straws, stainless steel straws, spoon straws and crazy straws!   I remember when my daughter was turning eight years old, we spent her birthday at the ocean with one of her little friends from school.  My Mom had found her a crazy straw that was shaped into eye glasses, and you actually wore them!  I wish I knew where the pictures were – buried in a box somewhere – but these things were so funny.  You wore the glasses on your face like normal, and one arm bent around to go into your mouth, the other end was really long to go into your drink glass, so when you took a sip the liquid swirled up and around the tubes around your eyes and into your mouth.  The girls got quite a giggle out of that one.  Difficult to keep clean though – they had to find their way into the trash because milk and those types of straws just aren’t a good combination.  Celebrate today with a straw in everything you drink!

J.R.R. Tolkien Day –  Most people know that J.R.R. Tolkein is the author of The Lord of The Rings books, but they may not know much about the man himself.  Did you know that he was a philologist? (That’s someone who studies history of language and the comparisons of languages)  He created the languages of the Elves and the Orcs in the stories, and even though that is fascinating, what’s even better than that is that he created his first language when he was only seven years old! Did you know that The Lord Of The Rings books led to a long list of dungeons and dragons style games, videos and stories full of orcs, elves, rangers and humans.  And those are things in ADDITION to the ones made about the stories themselves!

Memento Mori “Remember You Die” Day – The phrase “Memento mori” is Latin and means “Remember your mortality.”  What that means is to never forget that someday you will die.  Memento Mori was started in ancient Rome when a servant reminded his general that even though he was successful that day, he might die the next and lose everything he had on earth.  My goodness, this servant was a little ray of sunshine, wasn’t he?  Actually the theme of Memento Mori Day is found in the Bible, in Isaiah 22:13, ” ‘Let us eat and drink’, you say, ‘for tomorrow we die!”  One of the symbols that represents the idea of memento mori is the Grim Reaper.  This was never intended to be morbid, but to be eye opening, to help us remember that we all die, and that life can be over before we know it.  Appreciate the little things!

This Day In History

1870  – Construction began on the Brooklyn Bridge

Food Celebration of the Day

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day – When I was growing up my Mom LOVED chocolate covered cherries.  My Grandma always got her a box of them for Christmas and for a long time I carried on that tradition.  If you get a good brand, they are delicious, aren’t they?  I have to say, I am really interested in trying out the Chocolate Cherry Biscotti recipe below!

It’s Friday already – don’t you love these short weeks?  I know I do!  I’m happy it is Friday and I’ll be getting all of the Christmas decorations taken down and put away this weekend.  It’ll be lovely to get my counter space back!  Doesn’t it always make the house feel so much bigger?  Well, I have to run! Lots to do at work today!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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