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May 12th

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day!  I saw so many touching posts on Facebook, wonderful tributes to mother’s everywhere, loving memories shared from people who have lost their mothers, and a general feeling of love from everyone.  It definitely put a smile on my face.  Well, it was inevitable, the weekend would come to an end and we are back to Monday again.  It cannot possibly be as stressful as LAST week, so I’m good with it. . . I just hope the rest of you are too!  Grab a cup of coffee and join me for a brief rundown of today’s celebrations. . . there aren’t many, and quite honestly I struggle to see how to actually celebrate at least one of them . . . but we can be aware of the awareness day, and celebrate the others, sound good?  Here we go . . .  (by the way – I’m not actually feeling grumpy and growly, but I found this cat picture and couldn’t resist!  I can’t imagine getting that close to a cat that was THIS angry!)

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day– I know people who suffer from Fibromyalgia.  They have been through years of pain and suffering with many doctors telling them that it is all in their heads, putting them onto anti-depressants and into counseling, telling them they just need to learn to live with it.  The truth is that this is  a syndrome primarily characterized by widespread chronic muscular pain, fatigue and insomnia. It is a difficult to diagnose syndrome and equally difficult to understand. People who suffer from the condition often fear they are being treated as hypochondriacs or are perceived as chronic complainers and lazy. They often fear disclosing they have the condition to their employer and co-workers because they might face discrimination or a hostile work environment. A decade ago many people would not even have heard of the condition.  Today is an awareness day for both Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia – they are different syndromes, but they have many overlapping symptoms. Though proper diagnosis should be done by a doctor, the primary symptoms include: fatigue to exhaustion, dizziness, muscle pain, weakness, sleeplessness, gastric disturbances, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, fever, sore skin, night sweats, memory loss, many allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, odors, light, noise, cold and heat.  People who suffer from chronic illness live a very different life than other people.  They function through pain, exhaustion, sensory overload, foggy brain and much more.  From what I’ve heard they have added to that a feeling of loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression from the overwhelming feeling of dealing with it all.  They know that it isn’t something that is going to go away like the flu, it is with them for years . . . not days or weeks.  Because what they go through is so misunderstood by society, friends and even family, they often find themselves experiencing feelings of despair.  Finding new and creative ways to live is a way that people who suffer from these syndromes find their strength.  They learn to appreciate the simple things that other people took for granted.  They shift their thinking to what they CAN do, through their limitations.  Not allowing themselves to be defined by what other people or society defines them to be, allows them to feel their own self-worth. It is so important for people who suffer to realize that they are learning to live life in a different way, and be empowered by knowing this. It takes courage, even when they don’t feel courageous.  It takes strength, even though they aren’t feeling very strong.  Living life in a different way isn’t giving up, it’s living powerfully, with a bravery that they may not have known they even had. 


Limerick Day – do you remember in school when we learned the different types of poems and how to write them.  Limericks were always some of the easiest ones to write because of the cadence and rhyme of the lines.  The most commonly known ones are actually quite naughty and can’t be repeated here, but there are clean ones out there and can be found after a brief search if you so choose.  Where did we get the Limerick poem though?  Well, writer Edward Lear (1812-1888) popularized the Limerick in 1846 in his “Book of Nonsense”, and since today is his birthday, this is the day we celebrate it.  A Limerick is 5 lines long – the 1st 2 lines rhyme with the 5th, and the 3rd and 4th lines rhyme.  Put that together and you have a fun little poem.  By the way, the city of Limerick is the 3rd largest in Ireland. 

Odometer Day –  Quite honestly, I cannot imagine what prompted someone to set up a day to celebrate their odometer.  Really?  A gadget in the car?  Hmmmm. . .  well OK, here we go. The odometer records a lot of history of your car.  It logs all of those trips you take . . . for fun, for pleasure, when you’re alone or with loved ones.  This day celebrates the invention of the odometer which was invented by William Clayton in 1847. Woohoo – now I could use some suggestions on how to celebrate this one!  I’m at a loss!

This Day In History

1792 – The flush toilet is patented.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Nutty Fudge Day – American fudge supposedly evolved in women’s colleges in the 1880s. Ladies could make it in their kitchen-less dorm rooms by just using a gaslight, a chemistry lab spirit lamp or a chafing dish.  No matter who created it, when they created it, or why they created it . . . aren’t we glad they did? Fudge comes in all sorts of flavors, and here’s a few from to get you started!

*    World’s Easiest Maple Walnut Fudge
*    Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Bars
*    Rocky Road Fudge Bars
*    Magic French Fudge
*    Tiger Butter Fudge Candy
*    Chocolate Fudge Cake
*    Peanut Butter Fudge

Quite honestly, the Nutty Fudge is the celebration that appeals the most to me right now . . . how about you?  Time to dream of chocolaty goodness and get the day going.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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