Coffee! Let There Be Coffee!

Feb 17th

It’s Monday again.  Isn’t it funny how they keep coming around with such regularity? hahaha I know we need to expect it, since they happen every week, but it is such a shock to the poor system to have that alarm ringing again after two days without.  Many of you have the day off today, so I hope you are enjoying a good sleep-in at the very least.

Well, many of us may have to work, but we can still celebrate, right?  Here we go!

Random Acts of Kindness Day – We all go through our days, each and every day, focused on what we need to do next.  Often times we are so internally focused that we fail to look outside of ourselves to the others around us.  When we do open our eyes to take a look, often what we will see is other people doing the same thing we usually do.   We also see a lot of sadness, desperation, anger, or the vacant look of people who are a little lost.  Sometimes all that these people need is something little, something out of the blue from a stranger to make them feel better.  It is called a Random Act of Kindness and needs have no motivation except  . . . kindness.  It can take various forms and what often happens is that one act leads that person to perform one of their own, and they continue paying it forward, putting smiles on other people’s faces as the day goes on.  So, what are some things that people do?  I’ve heard of paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line in the coffee shop, putting coins in a meter that is expired, paying for dinner of the car behind you in the drive-through, picking up the tab of an individual or family in a restaurant.  It can cost nothing . . . taking the cart back to the store for someone who is parked quite a distance from a cart return, assisting someone reach something on a high shelf they can’t quite reach in the grocery store (this happens often with people who are elderly and in motorized carts – it is difficult for them to reach!).  It can also be a little bigger than that.  Take time to go visit a shut-in, make them dinner, or go visit at a retirement facility.  A few minutes spent with one of the residents could make their entire week a better one.  What can YOU do today to randomly show kindness to a stranger today?

President’s Day – In 1968 this day was set aside to honor all U.S. Presidents.  Most often George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are thought of with this holiday, since their birthdays are in February, but more and more people look at it as a tribute to all presidents since it is a National Holiday.  Federal employees, the post office and banks have the day off, but most businesses and industry to not recognize it as a paid holiday. 

Champion Crab Races Day – I had no idea that there was a National Champion Crab Racing Day, did you?  I suppose if you aren’t raised in a place where you have crabs handy, you wouldn’t.  I live near a beach where there are many tiny little sand crabs, but I can still honestly say I wouldn’t have thought of racing them.  So, how does a crab race work?  Apparently on a typical crab racing night, the crabs compete in 12 to 14 heat races.  The crabs hang out underneath an upside-down plastic bowl  at the center of a 6 foot racing ring.  The bowl is lifted and the crabs scatter in different directions.  The first crab to cross the yellow line  wins and advances to the nightly championship race.  The person who has the winning crab gets to choose a sealed envelope that contains $10 to $100 in price money.  I found this little video that shows some kids racing their hermit crabs – they looked pretty excited on the sidelines as they cheered their little guys to the yellow ring.  Take a look – who knows? You may be the next, greatest crab racer! 

Food Celebration of the Day


National Café Au Lait Day – I love my lattes.  I really do.  They get expensive though, so a couple years ago I took some Christmas money I got for a gift and I bought a Mr. Coffee Café Au Lait machine, and I use it every single day.   Sometimes it acts like it doesn’t want to keep on working, and I keep insisting that it does.  Coffee with a generous amount of milk in it has had many naysayers, and some have even called it “ludicrous”  (French author Balzac, but what does HE know?)  The comfort of the milky-creamy coffee, for me mixed with some chocolate, is worth every single lovely sip and something I look forward every morning.  Coffee with a generous amount of milk has had its detractors — the French author Balzac once called it “ludicrous.” (what does HE know?) But its comfort is undeniable and that milky-coffee flavor mix makes for a darn-good dessert, too.

New Orleans Cafe Au Lait
Tipsy Cafe Au Lait With Chocolate Whipped Cream
Cappuccino Cheesecake
Cappuccino Crinkles
Mocha Crumble Bars
Vanilla Moomoo Mocha
Coffee Vanilla Chocolate Smoothie

Well, this last one I can COMPLETELY get into celebrating.  SO much so that I may have TWO lattes today! Oh yes, ! I know how to celebrate!  Now to start working on my random act of kindness.  I’m sure I can come up with something wonderful.  Let me know what you do, OK? I’d really like to know!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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