Chicken Soup Isn’t Just Good For a Cold!

Nov 12th

80976-Happy-WednesdayI greet this morning with the hope and prayer that the weather will be clear, cold and NOT windy!  Whew! Yesterday was nuts!  It wasn’t the worst wind we’ve had lately, but it was enough to keep me in knots.  I could hear small branches and pine cones hitting the roof with some regularity, and lost power for just about 2 hours.  It could have been worse of course – at least it was sunny out, so the house had plenty of light so I could do tasks that didn’t require power.  Funny though – how many times does one need to go into a room and automatically flip the light switch before they realize that there won’t be lights! Geesh!  I must have done that at least a dozen times yesterday.  I know that there are parts of our country that are getting hit pretty hard with cold and snow, so for your safety I pray today.  In the meantime, it is Wednesday, and I have more work to do to get the house ready for Thanksgiving!  There aren’t many celebrations today, so it should be a quick one, and then we can all get our days going!   10686898_10204544639751528_476723771695770230_nToday is a very special day.  It is the first anniversary of my son and daughter-in-law!  It is so hard to believe that it has only been a year, yet so much has changed over the last year, that it’s almost as difficult to believe that it has ONLY been a year! Does that make sense?  With the addition of the beautiful Baby B to the family, my son changing from one job to another and my grandson starting kindergarten, it has been a very busy year.   I have watched them together this year and I can say without hesitation that the love between them is a beautiful thing to see.  They have a mutual respect for each other, an affection that runs deep and is the abiding love that will stand the test of time.  The joy they take in the little things of every day life is so touching and, quite honestly, rare in this day and age.  They laugh together, cry together and shoulder the responsibilities, joys and hardships of life together that is not only touching, it is inspirational.  Happy Anniversary G and B.  I love you both so much, and couldn’t be more proud of you than I already am.  You give this Mama’s heart such joy to see the happiness that surrounds you. May the next  50+ years be as beautiful as the first one was.  God Bless You and all who abide within your home.   Chicken-Soup-for-the-Soul-Logo


Chicken Soup for the Soul Day – is a celebration about you, and me . . . about all of us.  According to the people who created the book series by this name, this celebration was created to celebrate who you are, where you’ve been, where you’re going, and who you will be thankful to when you get there.   This is a day of the value and healing powers of chicken soup – be it for the body, or for the soul.  This is healing that is homemade and comes from the heart.      

This Day In History

1981 – The space shuttle Columbia was launched for the 2and time. This was the first time a space vehicle was used more than once.

Food Celebration of the Day

everything   Cheese Pizza With Everything Day – No offense to cheese pizza, but it’s the toppings that really make the pie. In this case, go sweet, salty or with a combination of both. Just hold the fish!

I haven’t talked about it much here, but I am in the process of starting up a home baking business.  The steps I need to go through to get my kitchen a limited commercial license are extensive, and I’m slowly going through them.  One of the first things I need is a dedicated refrigerator for the business – which is great – but it needs to go into my cookbook/appliance room (yes, I have a cookbook addiction – there’s never been one I didn’t want!).  Unfortunately I didn’t have that room already set up in a way that would work, so yesterday I unloaded 100’s of books from my shelves so hubby could move them over, took out a small shelf that would be in the way, and today I get to put all of those books back on the shelf.  This time I’m going to do it in a more organized way.  I didn’t realize until yesterday how willy nilly they were on the shelf.  I think I had been going for uniformity in sizes, but that’s silly.  This time they go in order of what their topics are – makes more sense to me.  Anyway, that’s what I have on my plate today.  I’m thinking I would rather be able to snap my fingers and have it done so I could try to figure out how to make that mouthwatering pizza more diet friendly so we could have that for dinner instead of what I had planned!  Ooooooh the sacrifices made for good health, right?  Well, those books aren’t putting themselves on the shelf, since the snapped fingers didn’t work.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!AmericanFlagCrossandPrayingHands

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