Cherry Pit Spitting? Really? That And Other Fun Celebrations Today!

Jul 6th

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!  I’m sorry I didn’t post the celebrations for yesterday last night.  It was a busy day at the office, and by the time I got home I just didn’t have anything let in me to write.  I’ve combined them today though – so here you go!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  I feel like learn something new every single day while I’m looking these up.

Bikini Day – Everywhere we look – beaches, movies, TV shows, even out on the street sometimes, there are bikinis everywhere.  Some of the women wearing them shouldn’t even actually BE in one – face it, very few of us actually have the body for them.  With the bikini being all over the place, it seems rather amazing that the style has only been in existence for about 60 years.  It is interesting that depending on how you define the term “bikini” it has actually has a history that goes back thousands of years.  The name “bikini” has only been around since 1946, the popular two-piece swimsuit has existed since right around 1600 B.C. Based on evidence from Roman mosaics and murals, historians have believed for a long time that the bikini was popular for swimming for ancient Roman women.  It was a time when cultural and moral norms were more lax than they are today, and the bikini was right at home.  There are some historians that believe the bikini was around long before even ancient Rome.  Cave excavators have discovered Minoan wall paintings from 1600 BC that show a two-piece outfit that is very similar to the modern-day bikini from as recently as 1989.  In the paintings women were involved in a type of gymnastic exercise wearing costumes that could very easily be mistaken for modern bikinis.  The fact that the bikini from more than 3,600 years ago shows the tremendous staying power of this style.  In spite of all of the historical evidence, the documented history of the modern bikini starts the summer after the end of World War II.  As France was recovering from the effects of the war, Jacques Heim, a fashion designer from the beach resort of Cannes, was busy working on his latest style invention, a two-piece swimsuit that was very revealing (though – like we’ve always heard – fashion always comes around again – this one just took many centuries)  Heim debuted his creation at a local beach shop in the early summer of 1946, naming the suit the “Atome”, in honor of the recently discovered atom.  Smallest particle yet detected and the smallest bathing suit yet worn? Creative!  He even sent skywriters over the Cannes’ beaches announcing that the Atome “the worlds smallest bathing suit” was now available for purchase.  Even with all of this though, Heim may have been just a brief mention in the history of the bikini if it weren’t for the skills of French mechanical engineer turned swimsuit designer Louis Reard (and how does one actually make THAT leap from one career to another anyway?).  Three weeks after Heim brought out the Atome, Reard brought out a very similar swimsuit to be sold along the French Riviera.  His swimsuit had just two small pieces of cloth that showed a woman’s back and naval for the first time in the modern era.  He named this swimsuit the “bikini”, named after the Bikini Reef from the islands of the South Pacific.  Though nobody knows for certain, historians assume that he named this swimsuit the “bikini” because he believed its revealing style would create reactions among people that were similar to that of the atomic bomb in Japan just the previous summer.  Whether or not this was his reason, the name stuck and he went down in history as the inventor of this swimsuit.  That’s a little unfortunate for the other guy, don’t you think?   Reard’s bikini was introduced to the U.S. markets in 1947, just a year after it came out in France.  Even though people were curious about this scandalously small amount of fabric, the sales were slow.  Many Americans were so shocked by its scantiness that the bikini was even outlawed as a form of public attire in many U.S. cities.  It would be nearly 20 years later in the late 1960s before American women truly embraced the bikini.  After that though, there would be no turning back.  At most beaches and swimming pools the bikini is by far the most popular swimsuit style worn today.  Of course, there have been several style changes in its 60-year history, going from topless monokini of the 1960s to the modest tankini of recent years.  Because of the different styles that have come about that are surprisingly flattering, make it understandable why the bikini has been around in one form or another since ancient Roman times.

Hop a Park Day – We’ve all heard of Pub Crawls, or Art Walks, where you go from spot to spot and experience all the benefits of the different places.  Well, a Park Hop is the same thing!  Families put on their outdoor gear, take their various sporting equipment and picnics and go from park to park.  That’s not quite as easy in some areas as the parks can be very far away from each other, but picking at least one park spot today would be fun!  Some parks are sponsoring events today have barbecues, nature walks, beach combing, and other fun games for families to enjoy.  So head to the park today and enjoy what your local area has to offer.

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day –  Oh my goodness, how many of us have been just waiting for THIS one to come along?  hahaha I have to laugh.  As I laughed I tried to find the history of this event, but apparently it’s just something that evolved over time.  As people have eaten fruit with pits, they’ve always just spit them out, and human beings have a built in competitive spirit and a sport was born.  What amazed me is how FAR some of these people can spit these things!  I admit, I’ve never tried it, and I’m not sure I ever would . . . or not that I would admit, but check this out!  I looked up the Guinness Book of Records for the furthest recorded cherry pit spit (or stone as the records call it) and this is a copy and paste of that record:

The longest spit of a cherry stone in competition is 28.51 m (93 ft 6.5 in) by Brian “Young Gun” Krause (USA) at the International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship at Eau Claire, Michigan, USA in 2004. On the same day in the freestyle competition he spat a stone 33.62 m (110 ft 4 in). 

Now, take out the tape measure and calculate how doggone faro 110 feet, 4 inches is!  Imagine getting that distance with a spit!  It’s gross, but it’s also impressive.

World Kiss Day –   Kissing is nice.  There are all sorts of kisses, and today we celebrate them all.  From the sweet and innocent kiss of a child to his or her parent’s cheek, to the passionate kisses of people wildly in love – there are many different types of kisses that vary widely depending on culture.  A kiss may be used to express love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, good luck and much more.
This Day In History

July 5th

Baseball great Joe DiMaggio hits his first grand slam. (1937)
The bikini makes it’s debut at a Paris fashion show. (1946)  July 6th     
In the very first All Star Baseball game, the American League wins 5-2. (1933)

Food Celebration of the Day

July 5thNational Apple Turnover Day – I love apple turnovers.  When I was little my Dad would buy those Pepperidge Farms frozen turnovers.  They were a little expensive and they were a special treat he and Mom would get for themselves for after my brother and I were in bed.  They weren’t trying to exclude us necessarily, but everyone needs that special something once in awhile and honestly, we were just as happy with cookies or a candy bar, so the turnovers were saved for a late night treat when we were asleep.  I remember though, a couple of times I’d smell the aroma of the cinnamon apples and the flaky crust baking in the oven, and I’d sneak out of bed.  If he was in a particularly good mood, rather than send me back to bed, he’d settle me onto a chair at the table, and cut one turnover in half (they were pretty big in those days – not so much today) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a glass of milk and together we’d sit there and enjoy the treat together.  We didn’t need to talk.  The moment all by itself was enough.  When we were done, he’d put the plate in the sink, give me a hug and tell me to go back to bed.  I realize we are a day late for this celebration, but if you have a craving for something this delicious, indulge anyway.  Here are a few ideas for making your own from  Have fun with it!

July 6thNational Fried Chicken Day – Fried Chicken to me always means time for a picnic.  It makes me feel a little nostalgic whenever I smell it frying.  When we’d go on a road trip to the beach Mom would always fry up a batch of chicken the night before, since it’s also good cold, cut up a bunch of fruit, grab some crackers and chips, and we’d head out. The first thing I’d grab to eat would be a thigh.  There was just something about the spices she used on it that were so good!  The best known fried chicken in the U.S. would be Southern Fried Chicken.  Many people may not know that nearly every cuisine has its own take on fried chicken.  Here are some example to try:
Have a wonderful Saturday.  Enjoy the sun and some good relaxing down-time.  I’m sure many of us have had very emotional or trying weeks, and this is a good time to just get the batteries charged for what comes at us in the upcoming days.  Please appreciate your family and friends today.  Our lives get so hurry scurry that sometimes we don’t place enough focus on the ones we are the closest to.  No matter what happens in life, it is always for a reason and there are lessons to be learned from each event.  It may not seem like a good thing right now, but later down the road we can take the experiences and appreciate them for what they taught us.  Have a wonderful day.  God bless you.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

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