Cheer Up The Lonely Day! Isn’t That A Nice One To Celebrate?

Jul 11th

Happy Thursday!  Can you believe how fast this week is going?  I spent most of yesterday cleaning the house, so except for a few little things here and there, I won’t have to be cleaning over the weekend.  Normal stuff like dishes and laundry, but not scrubbing. Nice, right?  I thought so. 

Cheer Up the Lonely Day – What a wonderful thing, having a day set aside to cheer up the lonely.  I’m sure we all know someone who could use a little visit and a smile.  The elderly, people who are shut ins, or perhaps someone who is really shy.  If you take some time to cheer them up and give them a little company for a little while, then you’ve a good thing!  I used to work in a retirement apartment home.  It was shocking to me how many people lived there and their children never came to visit them.  I’d see them once when they moved their parents in, then no more until a holiday.  It was so sad!  That may be a good place to start – maybe drop in and visit at a nursing home or retirement complex – and give some time face to face with other people who could use a friendly face.

Bowdler’s Day – Could this be one of the original censors?  I think so!  Today is a day for those who wish to cleanse, or bowdlerize, things that they find to be offensive in works of art.  Thomas Bowdler said, “Many words and expressions occur which are of so indecent a nature as to render it highly desirable that they should be erased.”  Sort of sounds like many in our government lately, doesn’t it?  They want to tell us what to eat, how to look, how big a drink we can get (for the unfortunate in New York City), whether or not we can pray in public, etc.  Sorry . . . I digress.  Thomas Bowlder was born on July 11, 1754, and was a doctor before he began “extracting disease from text”.  One of his main targets was Shakespeare, which he “cleansed” by removing what he decided was indecent. This resulted in 10 volumes of “The Family Shakespeare”.  He even changed one of the most recognized lines from “Macbeth” from “Out, damned spot! Out I say!” to “Out, crimson spot!” (loses a lot of impact with that change, doesn’t it?)  If you could removed words from our everyday language, would you? And what would they be?  I know that I believe in freedom of speech.  I don’t have to like the speech, but if I don’t like it, then I don’t have to listen. I can turn around and leave.  With that said though, I would remove anything taking God’s name lightly, or as the Bible puts it, “in vain”.  There’s absolutely no valid reason to bring shame on God’s name by using it in a negative and damning manner.  He thought so, or He wouldn’t have included it with the 10 Commandments.  You know, those 10 life rules that certain censors of free speech are working so diligently at removing from our courthouses, public squares, etc. 

Slurpee Day – This one is quick and simple – today is 7-11’s birthday!  To celebrate they are giving away free Slurpee’s in some of their locations – I can’t promise all of them, since they may not all be participating.  There’s something really delicious about an ice cold Slurpee on a really hot day.  Mmmm. . . I especially like the Coca Cola flavored ones.

This Day In History

1798 – US Marine Corps established by an act of Congress
1801 – French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons discovers his 1st comet
1804 – Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr mortally wounds former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
1812 – US invades Canada (Detroit frontier)
1864 – Confederate forces led by Gen J Early begin invasion of Wash DC
1888 – 118°F (48°C), Bennett, Colorado (state record)
1888 – Pennsylvania’s Monongehela River rises 32′ after 24 hour rainfall

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1934 – FDR became 1st pres to travel through Panama Canal
1978 – Auto with liquid gas crashes & explodes in Spain, 160 killed
1979 – US Skylab enters atmosphere over Australia & disintegrates
1980 – American hostage Richard I Queen freed by Iran

Food Celebration of the Day

National Rainier Cherries DayRainier cherries are delicious.  They are known as the “white cherry” because they have white, creamy flesh, and their skin is yellowish-red once they are ripe.  They are one of the sweetest and tastiest of all cherries and can be a dessert all by themselves.  A good Rainier cheery will be large and firm, and it will have the ripe yellow and red blush color.  They usually have a little bit of discoloration, a little scuffing or some brown spotting on their skin, which often means that they have high sugar content.  I never knew that!  Avoid the ones that are soft, have wrinkled skin, are leaking and sticky or have visible decay.  This delicious fruit is harvested late-June to early-August, but their peak is in June.  Washington State (yeah!) is the largest supplier, but they are also grown in Oregon, California and some are imported from Canada and Chile.  Here’s something pretty amazing! In Japan, Rainier cherries often sell for a dollar each! Makes the $5.98 per lb not seem QUITE so bad.



National Blueberry Muffin Day – Coffee may claim to be the best part of waking up, but we imagine many muffin lovers out there might argue that honor belongs to blueberry muffins instead. has some lovely recipes to try.  I think I’m hungry for some of those Lemon Blueberry Muffins!  I wish I had all the ingredients, but I used the last of the blueberries this morning.

May your Thursday be blessed in every way!  We’re nearly to the weekend and what a wonderful thing that is!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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