Celebrating The Wonderful Service Dogs – Give Them Some Love and Respect Today For All They Do

Aug 5th

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work we go . . . yep, it’s Monday morning, and yet again the weekend flew by so fast I’m shocked I don’t have a case of whiplash!  We have some interesting things to celebrate, so let’s get on with the fun and enjoy our day!

Work Like a Dog Day/Assistance Dog Day –  The very first ever National Assistance Dog Day was celebrated on August 9, 2007.  The 2nd Thursday in August was registered to honor these amazing dogs by Marcie Davis, a paraplegic and president of Working Like Dogs.  For the last 41 years Ms. Davis has been confined to a wheel chair due to a spinal cord infection she contracted when she was 6 years old.  Twenty-two years ago she received her first service dog, a Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever mix.  She said that this amazing dog changed her life, giving her a sense of independence and confidence she hadn’t had before.  When the help of her wonderful canine companion she was able to do things she was afraid of doing on her own before.  Now she works to raise awareness through Working Like Dogs, which raises awareness and honors assistance dogs.  Most people are aware that the blind and paraplegics like Ms. Davis often have service dogs to help them maneuver through life, but some people don’t know that there are other groups who benefit from these highly trained animals as well.  My son-in-law’s service dog can tell when he is going to have a seizure, alerting him that he needs to get down on the floor where he won’t hurt himself as badly if he does have one.  Military heroes – such as my son-in-law – often suffer from severe PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, or other such issues – and service dogs have proven to be invaluable to them.   Please, if you have the chance to donate to an agency  that provides funding for these incredible dogs for people who desperately need them but cannot afford them,  do.  You could be saving a life, or making a life easier to live.

National Underwear Day  Did your mom ever tell you to always wear clean underwear just in case you were in an accident?  I never understood that.  I would think that if you were in an accident and it was bad enough clean underwear would be the least of your worries, and if it wasn’t a bad accident, then nobody had any reason to know if you were wearing clean underwear or not!  Geesh! But that’s not what this day is about.  No, on August 5, 2003 Freshpair founded National Underwear Day.  The idea was to invite everyone to participate in setting a new Guinness World Record by wearing their underwear to Times Square on this day.  This year they are reaching out to cancer survivors to regain their lives and men and women suffering with poor body image. I did find a website about the actual event, and they do have some pretty strict rules about the types of underwear that can be worn – including none that are too revealing.  Well, this isn’t one I’d ever actively celebrate, but it is an interesting concept.


This Day in History
1924 – Little Orphan Annie comic strip debuts.
Food Celebration of the Day
National Oyster Day – I’m not an oyster fan.  Not because I don’t like the way they taste, because I’ve honestly never tasted one.  No, it’s all stuff that is in my head.  I don’t like the way they look, I don’t like the way they feel, and I don’t like that it’s a filtration organ in and of itself and you can’t clean out the yuck that you would usually clean out of something you’d eat.  The mere thought puts a little bile in my throat.  A LOT of people like oysters though – most of the people I know have at least given them a chance.  So, when I was looking this up today I found out that there are over 100 different species of oysters and that they are typically named after the body of water in which they are grown, because they take on the characteristics of the water they live in.  Here are some other interesting facts: 

* The largest oyster-producing body of water in the world is located in Chesapeake Bay on the east coast of the U.S.
* Almost two billion pounds of oysters are eaten each year.
* In the U.S., east coast oysters tend to be smaller, milder and saltier. West coast oysters are creamy and sweet.
* Only one out of every 10,000 oysters will produce a pearl.

Here are some ways to prepare them from www.food.com.  If you try some, let me know how they turned out!
I had to laugh a little while looking back over today’s celebrations.  I guess there are just going to be days that I will enjoy reading about them, rather than actively participating . . . and this is one of them!  If you do celebrate any of these, will you let me know how it goes?  Well, it’s time for me to run off and work hard.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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