Celebrating the Weekend Just a Little Early – Enjoy!

Jun 22nd

Are you ready for the weekend?  I know I am!  We are going to take a few days and be offline, just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, fresh air and good conversation.  Sometimes being plugged in just takes away from the time we can connect with the ones we love, so this weekend has been declared a no-internet weekend, starting Thursday night.  This post will get you through the most significant weekend silly celebrations, and I hope that there is a little something in here for everyone.  Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!!!



Verse of the Day

June 23, 2017

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Our sin earns us death. God’s grace gives us life. The difference between these two extremes? The Cross of Christ which spans the chasm of our sin and brings us to the mercy, forgiveness, and redemption of God!


June 24, 2017

Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:23-26

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

In times of confusion, we can take comfort that while we may not understand everything while here on earth (read Psalm 73:1-22), God will be faithful. Everything we have and know here on earth is subject to decay, but our relationship with the LORD is our strength forever. He will not abandon, fail, or forget us


June 25, 2017

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

Matthew 6:25

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Food and clothing are some of the biggest worries of our human existence. They have been for centuries. God reminds us, however, that no matter how important these may seem to be in our world, life is really much bigger than these things and God wants us to trust that he will supply them when we trust in him.




Food for Thought

Putting things into perspective . . . is that easy for you, or not?  In the moment that something happens that makes us angry, sad, desperate, unhappy (insert emotion here) the situation feels like the WORST thing ever and we immediately respond in the way we are wired to respond.  Stepping back and putting things into perspective can be difficult when our emotions are deeply involved, but it is important.  Did anyone die? If they did, was it our fault? No? Hm, ok. So the worst possible thing did not happen.   Were we angry at someone for something they said, did, or didn’t do? Yes? No? That’s up to you to decide.  Did what they said, did/didn’t do cause anyone to be sick, die or cause a fire, crash or other disaster? No? Well, then it didn’t cause something that couldn’t be fixed.  Did it hurt our feelings? Feelings heal, but it takes time.  Did it cause us to feel disillusioned? None of us is perfect, so to expect perfection from others is ridiculous.  The truth is that other people march to their own drummer, just as we march to ours. Sometimes the beats don’t match up very well and the result can be a bit chaotic and be missing rhythm.  That’s ok though, because as individuals we can learn and grow from these situations that challenge us to broaden our ability to show patience, grace, understanding and ultimately forgiveness.  Case in point, I am working on forgiving someone who I love.  This person has caused me hurt, he has lied to me, he has covered up for another’s misdeeds, enabling them to hurt me even worse.  But did someone die? No. Am I worse off than I was? No, actually I am better off.  Would telling me the truth and exposing the misdeeds have changed the course of my life? Maybe. I don’t know if I would have listened since I can be quite stubborn.  Bottom line, it is in the best interest of my heart, my soul, my mind and my family for me to rise above, realize that I can be strong enough to put it behind me and forgive.  It isn’t easy.  But I can do it, with God’s help.  I feel He is encouraging me to do this . . . I just have to tear down that wall that I have protected my anger behind so that it can see His light and be released.


June 23

Let it Go Day – Have you ever gone through a situation in your life where you dealt with something in a way that you wish had been different?  I know I often deal with something and after the fact think “I should have said THIS!”, or “I should have done THAT!”  The “what if’s” can eat at you if you let them.  Perhaps someone has hurt you and you feel they haven’t been punished – or not punished enough, or someone gets ahead in life by being dishonest while you plow through life honestly and by the book, yet you struggle.  Today is the day to just let all of that go.  Let it go!  Breathe in, exhale and let it go!  You can’t change what has happened in the past – you can’t fix what someone else does.  You can only do what you do with as much honesty and integrity as possible, knowing that you are going to be judged by YOUR actions, not by someone else’s.  Just release it, and let it go. You’ll gain peace of mind and unload a lot of baggage you are carrying that you don’t need to be lugging around.  Trust me. It’s true.  Of course, for anyone reading this today, the first thing that probably entered your head when reading what this day was called was probably the tune from Frozen’s song “Let It Go”.  Am I right?  I know that it is what is playing in my head!


National Columnists Day – Today is supposed to recognize the importance and value of newspaper columnists.  I struggle with this.  I suppose there are columnists out there who may WISH to write unbiased news that is based on factual information that they have researched carefully without any personal slant, however where are they? I’m not reading anything they are writing.  Everything I’m seeing is leaning so far to the left that they wouldn’t recognize unbiased if it slapped them across the face.  Are their employers putting a gag order on the real news?  Do they bother researching anything? What I usually see these days is knee jerk reactions, accepting blogger’s words as truth – which is ridiculous – since I’m living proof anyone can blog, put words out there and have people read them.  I at least try to look up the holidays I’m reporting about – from more than a single source.  I’m not seeing this with important issues that we deal with in our world each day.  So you honor columnists if you wish, I’ll pass on this one.  If you actually SEE news by someone who doesn’t cater to one side or the other, please pass along their name and the paper they write for so I can look them up, OK?



National Pink Day – Today is a day where everything should be basking in pink splendor! Pink is the color of Breast Cancer awareness, and that’s wonderful, and if that’s what guys need to bring out the pink in them, then ok!  But today isn’t about that – it’s about the gloriously beautiful color pink.  I love pink – and many other women agree with me.  It is the most common color listed as a gal’s favorite – blue is next.  It is easy to enjoy this day – just surround yourself with pink!  Wear pink, show off everything you have that is pink -from clothes to shoes or other possessions.  Be creative!  You can even use pink food coloring to turn your meals pink – ok, that’s a little gross – unless it’s pink frosting on cake or cookies!  Get creative today and think pink!


Pink Flamingo Day (Lawn Ornaments) – So tacky, yet so cool. The pink lawn flamingo is one of those things that people either love or hate.  Some think of them as works of art, and others think they are visual pollution.  There are even those who say that this one object stands for everything that is either good or bad in our society.  I think that’s carrying it a little far, but I suppose it gets the depth of feeling about these pink plastic critters out there.  Lawn ornaments are nothing new.  From marble statues created centuries ago, to the Granny Fannies of the 1980s, lawn decorations have been around for an eternity.  The history of the pink flamingo can be traced back to 1946 when a company called Union Products started manufacturing “Plastics for the Lawn”.  Their collection included dogs, ducks, frogs and even – yep – you guessed it, a pink flamingo.  Their products had a problem though – they were two-dimensional.  In 1956 the company decided to hire a young designer named Don Featherstone.  Even though Don was a serious sculptor and classical art student, his first project was to redesign their popular duck into three dimensions.  He used a live duck as his model and after five months of work, the duck was retired to a local park.  His next project would prove to be his most famous.   He couldn’t get his own real flamingo, so he used photographs from National Geographic instead.  He sculpted the original out of clay, which was then used to make a plaster cast.  The plaster cast was used to form the molds for the plastic.  The original design called for wooden legs, but they were too expensive and replaced by the metal legs that we still see on plastic flamingos now.  The exact date was never actually recorded but the first pink flamingo was born sometime during 1957.  This proved to be the perfect time for the flamingo to make its debut.  America was moving to the suburbs.  Industry was convincing America that a natural lawn was one that was mowed and treated with chemicals.  And every well manicured lawn needed a lawn ornament.  Empty lawns weren’t the only things in the flamingos favor.  The country was more mobile and more people were traveling to hotels, motels and lounges that were named after the flamingo.  The 1950s was also a time for bright, bold colors.  Common colors had been around for many years, but plastic now allowed for vivid colors like bright green, ruby and or course hot, flamingo pink.  Pink refrigerators, washing machines, and even Cadillacs were highly sought after.  The 1960s weren’t as friendly to the pink flamingo.  There was a mass rebellion against everything man made.  It was time to go back to nature and the plastic flamingo quickly became the prototype of bad taste and anti-nature.  By the 1970s, even Sears had removed the pink flamingo from its catalog.  At that point it looked like the days of this flamboyant bird were numbered, but time was on its side.  Some people just love to do things that are annoying to other people.  If pink flamingos were the ultimate in bad taste, then people were sure to put them on their lawns to bug their neighbors – and they did so – in GREAT numbers.  1984 the TV shoe Miami Vice kicked the sales of pink flamingos full speed ahead.  For the first time ever Union Plastics sold more flamingos than they did ducks.  Today they are sold for just about every purpose.  As wedding decorations, housewarming gifts, and even to use instead of reindeer at Christmas (ok that one goes a little TOO far!).  Some folks travel with their pink flamingos.  They go camping, hiking, skiing and even mountain biking.  There are entire web sites devoted to the travel of these artificial critters.  They are the targets of people pulling pranks.  They are stolen off of lawns every year, even stolen and held for ransom.  One pair was reported to have been kidnapped and their ransom paid in play money.  What it comes down to is that what is art to one person is seen as garbage to someone else.  I see most modern art the same way!  Bans have even been placed on pink flamingos all over the country.  I had to laugh when I read that Union Plastics responded to that rule by introducing a blue flamingo to the market.  That made those snooty communities respond by banning ALL plastic flamingos.  I think I’d get rebellious at that point and feel inclined to paint the entire house in pink flamingos.  Of course I’d never live in a neighborhood filled with that sort of pretentious snobbery, but if I did, oh yeah, the pink flamingo house would make its debut!  Anyway, in 2007 Pink Flamingo day was declared by the mayor of Leominster Massachusetts, the home of Union Plastics, to honor the work of Don Featherstone – the creator of the iconic plastic lawn flamingo.  I think the lawn flamingo may actually be making a come back! I saw a big box of them at Walmart the one day! Fun!  


Take Your Dog to Work Day – Some workplaces are dog-friendly, where good dogs are always welcome.  Not so good dogs aren’t as welcome because they disrupt the office.  I used to love the days when I could take Tibbi to work with me.  It didn’t happen often, and usually was only on days when I needed to take her in for her doggy-spa-day and I needed to pick her up before I was quite finished with the day.  Because she was a big girl, she took up a lot of space, and though she didn’t do anything to cause trouble, I worried that she may have accidentally tripped someone.  As far as behavior though, she was always the epitome of good manners and sweetness. Of course, that was her personality all of the time. Gosh I miss her! I have taken Moose to work but he sheds a LOT of hair, and he has more puppy energy, so I truly do get concerned that he may trip someone. He is a sweet, good dog, but clumsy and a bit too enthusiastic to go to the office much yet. We often have customers come in with their dogs too – and they are always welcome to come and explore the smells, the different rooms, and get lots of pets from everyone who works there.  I honestly feel sorry for offices that are so stuffy that furbabies aren’t welcome if they are well behaved.  It’s so relaxing to have dogs around sometimes!  Be thoughtful of your co-workers though.  If you do plan on taking your dog to work with you today, to celebrate this wonderful holiday, be sure there aren’t any people there with allergies who could actually end up feeling ill from your pooch’s presence.  And if your boss allows Take Your Dog to Work Day, please be sure to thank her or him, because it really is a sweet and wonderful gesture to let us bring our furry family members to work.   



June 24

Celebration of the Senses – How often do you focus on all of your senses?  No, seriously focus on them.  I know we use them all every day, but I know that we go through our days on auto-pilot, unaware of the details we are taking in through those senses.  We are gifted with 5 of them, all amazing – seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling.  Most of us rely heavily on our ability to see to assess what is going on around us in the world.  But take some time to appreciate and stimulate the other senses you have been blessed with by focusing on each of them individually.  Studies have shown that using all of your senses actually can improve your overall health and mood. There have been a few suggestions for celebrating this holiday . . . go outside and close your eyes.  Focus on the wonderful sounds you hear, feel the breeze on your skin, breath in the fresh scents of nature.  Turn on music, turn out the lights and relax, fully take it in – pick out individual instruments.  Another thing you could do is eat something you have never tried before, closing your eyes as you eat it, appreciating the flavor – savoring it slowly.  This morning at 3:45 I took Moose outside.  I was hoping I could see any leftover light from the Northern Lights that have been seen lately, but I missed them by about an hour, according to the news.  I had turned off the porch light so the area would be as dark as usual, and while I stood there in the early morning cool air, I realized I could feel the cool on my face and was concentrating on how beautiful it felt after the stuffiness of the house, then a sound began to penetrate my deep thoughts . . . it was the song of the early birds waking up, I saw above me a sky that wasn’t quite dark, but it wasn’t quite light either, and smelled the dryness of the grass that was kicked up as I moved through it.   As I was preparing this post, I realized that just this morning, in that few short minutes I was outside, I used 4 of my 5 senses, and it was such a beautiful thing.  It was only after I woke up again a little bit later that I full appreciated it. Use the gifts you have been given and appreciate them fully.  I’m going to enjoy my sense of taste right now, with a 2nd mocha! Yum!


Great American Backyard Campout – I love camping.  I wasn’t raised camping, actually didn’t camp for the first time until my daughter was a teenager and my son was close to being one.  It was rough at first – I couldn’t decide what to leave behind, so we ended up actually needing extra vehicles.  It turned into a caravan of way too much stuff.  It took hours to set up camp and often felt like we’d just gotten everything together and it was time to turn around and go home.  It was ridiculous actually.  Over the years I’ve grown and matured and with the help of my hubby, have realized that I can enjoy both types of camping – that with a complete camp kitchen (and I mean complete – propane oven and all), and with everything I’ll need in a backpack.  Tonight is a wonderful event – it is Great American Backyard Campout night!  The beauty of this one is that you can set up your tent and bonfire in your yard, and you still have indoor plumbing a few steps away.  This is the perfect set up if you have children!  It just doesn’t get much better than sitting around the bonfire, roasting marshmallows, nibbling s’mores, giggling over silly stories, and finally settling down into your sleeping bags and falling asleep to the sounds of the night.  The best part is waking up and being the first one out of the tent, starting the bonfire and making breakfast as the birds begin to sing in the trees.  Give it a try.  You may find that you absolutely LOVE camping and want to try it somewhere besides your backyard at some point.


International Fairy Day – Today is the day that everyone who believes in fairies celebrates them.  Because I didn’t know anything about fairies, I figured I’d look them up.  Here’s what I found . . . early Fairy History shows that the belief in the existence of fairies was first known and is based on the fae of medieval Western European folklore. The early stories about these Fairies have become know as Fairy Tales. Throughout history these fairy tales have also included other mythological creatures like dragons, mermaids, elves, dwarfs and leprechauns.   I found some interesting theories that speculated on the origins of these little creatures too.  Very strange – but still quite interesting.  I thought I’d share them with you:

  1. They are souls that were never baptized.
  2. They are souls caught between heaven and Hell. They have not been good enough to get into heaven, but they have not committed a bad enough sin to deserve Hell. They are in limbo.
  3. These are fallen angels. It is believed that Angels that were loyal to Lucifer were also thrown out of heaven with him. God stopped them from being cast into Hell in mid-flight. He made them remain exactly where they were at the time. That is why some of these enchanted beings can fly in the air, many make living in the earth their home and others live in rivers, ponds, lakes and the ocean. Irish Folklore and folklore from Scotland, Scandinavia and others all have very similar accounts.
  4. They are nature spirits. Somewhat similar to the fallen-angel theory, this theory holds that they are among the many spirits that populate all things and places in the earth.
  5. They are tiny human beings. There is evidence that small-structured races populated parts of Europe and the British Isles in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, before the spread of the Celts. In Ireland, they were known as the Thuathe de Danaan. They resided in barrows and in shelters burrowed under hills and mounds. They were hard working but shy, and, as stronger peoples invaded their land and captured their iron weaponry, they retreated to the woodlands to live a secretive life. Being pagan, they continued to worship the pagan deities. They were in union with nature and possessed keen psychic senses. Their skills and trades allowed them to lead somewhat normal lives while raising tiny cattle and horses

It is thought that belief in these mystical creatures exists in nearly every culture throughout history.  It is most common in Europe and the British Isles.  The belief spread to American during the colonization period and it is still strong in the Appalachians, Ozarks and other remote mountainous regions.  Originally the elusive nature of these fairy races was regarded with suspicion by larger people.  Belief in them was thought to be superstitious.  In spite of that, gradually more people began endowing the little people with magical characteristics.  The larger of the fairy races were able to mingle with the normal sized people, and eventually married into their communities and intermingled their bloodlines. Up until the 13th century having fairy blood was admired.  Fairies in literature appear often from the Middle Ages on and has come to be known as fairy tales.  Fairy tales have been written by the English poet, Edmund Spenser, The Dane, Hans Christian Andersen, the Italians Matteo Boiardo and Ludovico Ariosto, the Frenchman Charles Perrault and many others.

How do I feel about all of this personally?  Well, I think that fairy tales are lovely, and that many of them have a wonderful moral to them, but as for believing in mythical creatures? No, I’ll leave the belief in fairies to others and just enjoy the stories.


Swim a Lap Day – Swimming is so good for your health.  And it’s fun!  Now that summer has arrived it’s time to enjoy all that summer has to offer, including time at the pool – if you have one available.  It’s fun to swim in the rain too – you don’t necessarily have to wait for the sun to be out!  If you do have a pool – then plan a pool party and let the fun begin!


June 25

Color TV Day  – On June 25, 1951 CBS introduced the first color television broadcast. It was an hour-long program. However, since most television sets were unable to broadcast in color, only a few people were able to view the event, mostly in CBS television studios. Color broadcasting was halted for a time by the Korean War, and the first coast-to-coast color broadcast was the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 1954.  What an incredible day for so many people!  I remember when I was little there would be episodes of Bewitched coming on TV, and at the starting credits they always said “In Color”.  I didn’t understand what that meant, since for the longest time I could only see it in black and white.  I can’t remember how old I was when we got our first color TV, but I know my Dad was really excited about it.


Log Cabin Day – I love log cabins.  My dream is to someday have a cabin in the mountains, set amongst the trees, with a river flowing nearby.  I can see it in my head – it has a lovely wrap around deck, with a wooden rocking chair set where I can rock gently while watching nature go by.  A couple of hundred years ago log cabins were everywhere, and many of them still stand today as they were built to last, were solid and served the families who built them well.  Life was rustic and simple.  Heat was provided by an open fireplace, where meals were also cooked.  If they needed air conditioning in the summer they opened a window.   There wasn’t electricity, so no TV, stereos blasting or computers.  Plumbing was around back at the outhouse, just follow the well worn path.  Today we celebrate Log Cabin Day and all the lifestyle that accompanies it.  We appreciate the historical significance of log cabins.  I will never stop dreaming and hoping that somewhere in my future there is a cabin waiting for us, and until then, I will always appreciate the rich history that log cabins have played in our cultural development.  As an interesting side note, this day was started by The Log Cabin Society, founded by Virginia Handy and the Bad Axe Historical Society, on June 25th, 1986, with the objective of promoting the preservation of Log Cabins, and awareness and education of life during the era in American when log cabins were common.     



This Day in History

June 23, 1860 – US Secret Service is created.

June 24, 1509 – Henry VII is crowned the King of England.

June 25, 1876 – Lt Colonel George Custer and the 7th Cavalry are wiped out by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians at the Battle of Little Big Horn.


Food Celebration of the Day

June 23 –

National Pink Day – is even being celebrated in the food world!  Today is the day to celebrate pink food wherever you can find it.  Here are a few recipes from www.food.com to get you started.  The picture is a cupcake order I filled a couple of years ago – they were delicious pink lemonade cupcakes. YUM! Actually pink lemonade is sounding really delicious right about now!  Not sure about the rest of some of these, but adventures in food can be fun if you let them.


June 24

National Praline Day – Invented in France, pralines started out as sugared almonds. Settlers in 18th-century Louisiana replaced the almonds with pecans and added cream — voila, the Southern praline was born.


June 25 –

National Catfish Day –  I’ve only tried catfish once or twice, and each time it was fried, but it was certainly tasty!  The only thing I know about this day is that on June 25, 1987,  President Ronald Reagan began a presidential proclamation with the words ” More and more Americans are discovering a uniquely American food delicacy – farm-raised catfish.”  No doubt the way to celebrate this day would be to enjoy a plateful of catfish, cooked any way you want. Chances are, you will eat farm raised catfish, which supplies the vast majority of catfish to the U.S. Market.  I’m sure many would find that it would be more fun to catch their own, but that’s not always possible, so to the market most people will go. 


National Strawberry Parfait Day – The ancients considered strawberries to be a symbol of perfection and, coincidentally, the French word for “perfect” is parfait. Dig into a little bit of perfection today!


I hope your weekend is fabulous, and in light of Letting It Go, just let go of some of the responsibilities, duties and chores this weekend to take time to look around you, relax and BREATHE.  It’s worthwhile to give yourself a bit of a break now and again.  God bless you and I’ll see you on Monday!

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