Celebrating the Apple Harvest and Oktoberfest! What a GREAT Day!

Sep 21st

Good Morning and a Happy Saturday to you!  Sitting here sipping my coffee, enjoying a silly romantic movie on TV and just having a good time lounging around!  Ah, Saturdays, I just love them!

Miniature Golf Day – I love miniature golf.  It’s so much fun, and it is the only kind of golf I’m any good at playing.  OK, well, good is relative . . . I EVENTUALLY get that little tiny ball through the obstacles that are in the way, and to its destination.  It sometimes takes awhile, but I have a lot of fun throughout the process.  I found out there’s a little mini-golf course not far from where I live that I didn’t know was there – I should check it out one of these days!  If you have one near you, take the family out and have a great time with them – it’s a very popular game with both kids and grown-ups and it’s a fun date for couples of all ages, so what’s holding you back?  You don’t have to be any good at it to have fun, and honestly, it’s not who wins or loses that is great about it, it’s just the process of getting there, laughing all the way.  

Oktoberfest – I always wondered why Oktoberfest started in September, and now I know!  It feels like I’ve learned so much through this celebration process . . . granted, nothing I can usually USE in life, but it’s fun to have a bunch of trivial knowledge rambling around in my head.  The dates for Oktoberfest vary . . . this year it goes from September 21 through October 6th.  Next year it starts on September 20th and goes through the 5th of October, and the year after it’s changed again.  So what IS Oktoberfest . . . besides a time to enjoy great beer and way too much food?  Well, it’s a two week festival that is held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  It is a GIANT festival in Germany, and there are Oktoberfest celebrations held all over the world during this time too, so if you can’t be at the fair in Germany, you can still celebrate closet to home.  But that doesn’t tell us WHAT it is, just when and where it is.  Time for a little more searching:  The very first Oktoberfest was held on October 12, 1810, and was held to commemorate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (King Ludwig 1) to Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen.  The wedding took place on October 12, and a great horse race, in celebration of the marriage, was held a few days later on October 17th.  The marriage was celebrated annually and it came to be known as Oktoberfest.  Early on, the Oktoberfest celebrations were held in October, but the festival was eventually moved to September because the weather was better earlier in the fall.  Though it has been celebrated annually since 1810, there have been a few cancellations over the years, sometimes because of wars, and once because of major cholera outbreak in 1854 in the region.  Today though, it is a time to eat, drink and be merry.  Each year when Oktoberfest is opened, the mayor of Munich taps a keg of beer.  There is even a special brew made that is aptly called “Oktoberfest Beer”.   It’s more than just celebrating beer though – there is always lots of food, music, dancing, rides and carnival booths, all celebrating the rich heritage of the German people.


International Eat An Apple Day – Ah, apples.  This is the time of year when the harvest is happening and apples are celebrated – as they should be!  All of our annual favorites are showing up at farmer’s markets, in our grocery stores and U-Pick orchards are open for us to go and choose our own.  Applesauce, pies, apple butter, jellies, breads . . . anything apple is perfect for today . . . and every day actually.  One of my favorites has started showing up in the markets – Honey Crisp Apples.  MMmmmmm . . . delicious.  My VERY favorites though – the Cameo’s – aren’t out yet.  I can’t wait.  Absolutely delicious.  I can’t remember the name of this apple tree that my Grandparents had when I was growing up.  They were SUPER DUPER tart/sour, but there was an underlying sweet to them that cut the tart just enough to make them lovely to eat.  Granted, it was lovely in a lock-jaw sort of way, but I have such memories of that tree.  There was a fork in it about 6 feet off the ground that the branches spread perfectly for lounging in with a good book.  So, book in hand, I’d climb up the knots in the trunk and get comfortable for hours and get lost in the story, with the canopy of green spread overhead to protect from the sun. When I was hungry I could reach out and grab one of these amazing apples – they were green, but more of a translucent green, rather than a Granny Smith green, with the whitest of flesh.  I can still smell the aroma of sweetness that hung in the air around me.  I sure wish I knew what those apples were called – they made the BEST applesauce!  If any of this sounds familiar to you and you know the name of apples that sound like that, I’d sure love to know what they were!  So, what are your favorite apples, and what is your favorite dessert made with them?  I’d really like to hear!

This Day In History

1945 – Henry Ford retires from Ford Motor Company.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Pecan Cookie Day –  When I was little we didn’t buy many store bought cookies.  Most of the time when Mom made homemade cookies they were chocolate chip, peanut butter or sugar cookies.  At Grandma’s house we would get her homemade applesauce cookies or her amazing oatmeal cookies.  I know that sounds like we were spoiled for wonderful home baked treats, but I remember sometimes Mom would buy a package of either ginger snaps or these pecan sandies for my Dad.  They were for his lunch, so we weren’t allowed to dip into the package without permission, but when Mom would open them up, she’d hand us one with our milk.  I’d nibble little bits off of the edges very slowly, and the butter nutty deliciousness would just melt in my mouth.  I’ve always love them, though oddly enough I don’t actually buy any for myself now that I’m a grown-up.  What I DO do though, is annually bake Mexican Wedding Cakes at Christmas for my Mom, and I end up doing a double batch because I love them too.  There’s still that buttery, melt in your mouth deliciousness, combined with the sweet messiness of powdered sugar.  It’s nearly that time of year again, when the cookie planning must begin, and those are usually on the very top of my list.  Here are some recipes that are more than worthy of making an appearance in your cookie jar, but don’t expect them to last long!

Well, it is time for me to get busy and get a few things accomplished.  I have a date night with my hubby and things to get done before we get ready to go.  Have a wonderful day everyone!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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