Celebrating Our 13th Amendment

Feb 1st


National Freedom Day   This day marks an amazing moment in our country’s history.  Today is the day that our nation honors the signing of a resolution that proposed the 13th amendment of the nation’s constitution.  On February 1, 1865 Abraham Lincoln, who was the president at the time, signed the resolution to outlaw slavery.  Though the resolution was signed on February 1st, it was not ratified by the states until a later date.  A former slave by the name of Major Richard Robert White, Sr. believed there should be a day set aside to celebrate the freedom of all Americans. Towards the end of his life he invited local and national leaders to meet together to organize a movement for a national holiday commemorating the signing of the 13th Amendment.  The first official celebration of this day took place on February 1st, 1942 at Independence Hall.  Every year since then the occasion has been marked by the placing of a wreath at the Liberty Bell.  On June 30th, 1948, President Harry Truman signed a proclamation declaring February 1st to be National Freedom Day.

Throughout the history of the world, freedom has always been something that the human spirit strives to achieve and maintain.  Wherever there has been oppression, this drive helps people to survive, to struggle through the hard times to reach the good ones.  Wherever tyrants have risen to power, the unquenchable, God given NEED to stay alive and to prosper gets people through the darkness and despair and into the sunlight, buoyed by hope.  We go through such times now, when the freedoms that we have fought so hard to achieve and that have kept us on the path to reaching our dreams, are threatened daily and at a horribly increasing rate.  Though I fear for our nation, grieve the loss of security (even though false) that we used to enjoy, and feel such uncertainty over the future, I know that God is in control. We are here not to give in, not to surrender to evil, but to uphold God’s law and fight for our freedoms, much like our forefathers did before us.

Celebrate today with appreciation for what we have, hold on tight to it so we don’t lose it for good.  This is a battle that when lost, is not easily won again.  Go with God today and be blessed.

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