Celebrating Life Sometimes Means Taking Time To Contemplate The Bad Stuff Along With The Good

Jun 3rd

As we head into today’s celebrations, I am sitting here feeling sad and down.  What I am about to say is not open for debate, argument or commentary.  They are my thoughts and my feelings, being shared with you.  For three years I have prayed for Bowe Bergdahl to be released from where he was being held as a prisoner.  I have prayed for his safety and health, for his family, and for the circumstances surrounding his capture.  Throughout this time I have not, nor do I now, claim to have any understanding of what caused this situation, nor have I felt it would be right to judge any portion of it since the only people who REALLY know what happened are Bowe and his captors.  Nobody knows what was in his heart, in his head or how his spirit was damaged.  My heart aches for the soldiers lost as a result of the events leading up to Bowe’s imprisonment, and it aches for those left behind with the bitterness and anger.  The news is filled with stories that are sensationalized and filled with conjecture that may, or may not have any truth to them.  Most of you know that I have no faith in the intentions and actions of our current administration, and that isn’t any different now.  Please, use your heads when deciphering the events of this situation, and feel compassion for all concerned.  This is a young man, a U.S. citizen, a soldier who put on a uniform to serve his country, and found himself caught up in a mire caused by choices he made – though we do not know if those choices were made with sound mind and spirit, or not, and what his intentions were at that time.  In no way am I saying that what Bowe Bergdahl did is right, when he walked away from his unit in what some say was an attempt to go home, and what some say was traitorous intent.  If he had stayed where he was supposed to be, it is likely that none of this would have happened.  History cannot be changed, and all we can do is move forward from here.  This young man, as all individuals, are precious in God’s sight and has value.  Who are we to cast stones and judge?  I know I am not perfect, and in no position to play judge, jury and executioner.  Neither are any of you.  I believe that crimes must be punished, but I believe that a U.S. citizen has the right to be heard, and to be tried in our own country, according to our laws.  Jesus died as much for this young man’s sins asHe did for anyone else’s, so please leave it in God’s hands, and in the hands of Bowe’s superiors – to sift through the information and make a decision based on what they learn.  He will be punished as they deem fit . . . or not.  None of us will ever truly know the whole story, and if you think you will based on what the media tells you, well . . . maybe you believe in fairy tales, unicorns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow too.

Repeat Day – Have you ever been listening to a CD that you liked so much that you just listened to it over and over again on the same day?  Or how about a movie that you were so enthralled with that as soon as it was over you hit restart and watched it again right away?  There are just some things in life that we enjoy so much that once isn’t enough . . . a bite of chocolate may be one.  One is wonderful, more than one is sublime.  Today is your chance to do things over and over again without anyone giving you that “she’s nuts” look.  Hopefully you will choose to repeat only those things that you truly enjoy.  Pick a few foods and have more than one serving, or an activity that makes you really happy and do it twice!  Pick wisely though – you only have 24 hours in a day and if you pick too many things you won’t have time to do repeat them! 

Chimborazo Day – How many of you have heard of Mt Chimborazo?  I hadn’t, and I’m betting a few of you haven’t either.  This mountain is located in Ecuador and its summit is the farthest point one can get from the center of the earth and still be on land.  Now some will argue that Everest is the highest mountain peak and they wouldn’t be wrong since it is the highest point above sea level, however because Chimborazo is at the equator, taking into consideration the fact that the earth actually bulges a bit at that point, it gives Chimborazo the distinction of being the furthest from the actual center of the earth.  A few Chimborazo facts: Chimborazo has a circumference of 78 miles and a diameter of 30 miles.  Its crater is 820 feet deep, and has a surface diameter of 1,600 feet.  Chimborazo has four major summits – 20,561 foot Veintemilla, 20,702 foot Whymper – the highest point, and 18,274 foot Nicolas Martinez – named for the father of Ecuadorian mountaineering.  So, giving this mountain its due – it’s a pretty impressive and beautiful peak and deserves its own day.

This Day In History

1964 – The Rolling Stones begin their first US tour.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Egg Day – We use eggs in just about everything.  They are in baked goods, obviously for breakfast, binders in meat dishes, pastas, etc.  We eat them boiled, fried, scrambled, baked, with soft yolks and hard . . . think about it! The egg is pretty amazing.  I know a lot of folks have a problem with brown eggs.  I’ve heard “ewwww” many time.  Truth is there isn’t a nutritional difference between white or brown eggs, they just come from different breeds of hens!  There are lots of ways to fix eggs, and here are a few ideas from www.food.com.  Enjoy!

Enjoy your day, no matter how you celebrate.  Please remember to keep our country and our military members in your thoughts and prayers. The country  needs them, and the soldiers deserve them.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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