Celebrating Food, Baseball and Motorcycles!

Jun 17th

Well, so far so good today!  Not sure what was going on with the computer Sunday night, but as long as it is working now, it’s all fine – right?  Today we have the celebrations from both yesterday and today – and as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t anything wrong with double the fun to get us through the day.

16th – Fresh Veggies Day –  So many people claim not to care for vegetables, something that seems to start with childhood.  I remember when my daughter started eating solid foods – well solid is relative – but you know what I mean.  I would take a spoonful of peas, green beans, carrots or squash, and like magic it would vacate her mouth and land all over the front of me before I could take cover.  Amazing projectile abilities in that one!  As she grew up she began to experiment with different vegetables that she would eat – and for many years she decided she would eat raw vegetables in the form of salad, or even frozen – such as peas.   It wasn’t until she was married and living her own life that she began to eat wonderful things like stir-fry, and taste new fresh foods that she had never tried before.  She found out what most of us already know – that fresh vegetables are the best, and something to be savored and appreciated.  Today would be a good day to make a promise to add fresh veggies to every meal, and for our snacks!  They not only taste good, but they are so incredibly healthy and nutritious.  Enjoy this day by stopping at a local farmer’s market and finding some locally grown, delicious, crunchy vegetables for your table. 

17th – Eat Your Vegetables Day – Apparently, because it is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, yesterday and today are all about focusing on making sure that we have a healthy portion of vegetables in our diets . . . and to maintain that for life.  Including vegetables with every meal and a snack will help make everyone just a little bit – or a lot – healthier.  Perhaps start tonight with a big, crunchy salad! 

16th – Ladies’ Day (Baseball) – This one is so much fun, and I cannot believe I’d never heard of it before!  The next time you are in a packed stadium watching a baseball game, imagine how it was, once upon a time, when women could not attend baseball games.  That policy was changed at some point to allow women to attend, but only if they were with a male companion.  The game was so popular with so many women, that single women would gather around ballpark entrances before games and look for a man who appeared to be respectable, and sidle up to him, and enter the ballpark by his side.  Some women declared that those women were not ladies!   Our Nation’s capital was one of the first baseball cities to try to actually get women to come to the ballpark.  The owners of the Washington ball club sponsored the very first official “Ladies Day Game” in the summer of 1897.  There were posters and newspaper ads inviting women to come and enjoy a peaceful afternoon at the ball park, for free!  They were expecting a few dozen, or maybe even a hundred, curious women to show up.  Management was not prepared for what actually happened.  About 1,000 enthusiastic women took the ball park gates by storm.  It did not take long to figure out that most of these women were not there to learn about baseball, but to see a handsome, charismatic baseball star – Washington’s pitcher, George “Winnie” Mercer.  And that’s where the problems began.  Throughout the early innings, every time the pitcher struck out a batter from the opposing team, the women would enthusiastically clap and cheer.  Every time he stepped into the batter’s box, tapped his bat on the plate, and twirled his mustache, they would either swoon, or jump up and down.  So far, it was all fine – everyone was having a great time.  The troubles actually started in the 5th inning.  The heartthrob pitcher had a bit of an argument with a popular umpire by the name of Bill Carpenter.  The umpire had called “ball” to a pitch that Winnie believed had been inside the corner of the plate.  They exchanged words and before long tempers began to heat up.  Carpenter threw up his right fist, and threw Winnie out of the game.  The women, already excited, were instantly incensed, and launched a vigorous protest that grew loud and rather heated.  This continued through the rest of the game.  When it was all over, ending with a home-town defeat, a horde of women poured onto the field, chasing the umpire with their parasols.  Fortunately Bill Carpenter managed to escape into the clubhouse, which was off limits to women, without getting hurt, but the grandstands were left in a shambles.  After this, it was quite some time before the Washington ballpark management even considered another Ladies Day Game.  Over time though, things did calm down, and by 1912, it became quite fashionable in Washington for Friday afternoon ballgames to be free for women and any small children in their company.  Obviously from that time forward baseball has continued to grow in popularity with women everywhere . . . I imagine a great number of my readers are women who love the game!  Celebrate this one by going to a local game if you have one happening.  One of my favorite summer time things to do is go to a local college game at the fairgrounds – the game food is really inexpensive when compared to the food at the Mariner’s games, and it’s more like what good old fashioned baseball is.  Lots of fun, happy spirits and a true love of the game.


16th – Ride To Work Day (Motorcycles)  – The 3rd Monday in June is celebrated as International Motorcycle and Scooter Ride To Work Day.  It is intended to demonstrate that motorcycles are fun and affordable, easy to get maneuver in traffic and to park, and very fuel efficient.  Motorcyclists understand that there are practical benefits to riding, but they also feel true joy when they are riding.  This day lets people who love motorcycles share their enthusiasm and love of riding with their co-workers and friends.  As the wife and mother of two men who love their motorcycles, I ask everyone to be socially conscious of the bikes on the road – not just today but every day.  I hear so many people complain about motorcyclists, but please keep in your minds that these people are on TWO wheels, while you are on four!  Keep your eyes open, stay back and do not tailgate them, and for goodness sakes pay attention! 

17th – Stewart’s Root Beer Day– Do you like root beer?  Well today is a great day to celebrate the love of the frosty goodness that is a mug of root beer.  Stewart’s Fountain Classics sodas originated in 1924 in Mansfield Ohio.  The very first Stewart’s Root Beer Stand opened in 1924, with Frank Stewart set out to develop the world’s best tasting root beer, which he intended to sell to supplement his income as a school teacher.  Taking his secret recipes, he soon opened his first Stewart’s Drive-In, where he served ice cold root beer in frosty mugs – making the creamy taste of Stewart’s Root Beer and instant success that has been enjoyed by fans for 75 years.

This Day In History

June 16, 1989 –  The premiere of Ghostbusters II.     
June 17, 1885  –  The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York City.       June 17, 1215  –  King John signs the Magna Carta.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Fudge Day – Some say this treat got its name from the verb “fudging,” meaning to do something clumsily, because the first batches were just improperly cooked toffees.

Peanut Butter Fudge
Orange Creamsicle Fudge
Uncle Arthur’s Chantilly Fudge
Black & White Fudge
Buttery Walnut Fudge
See’s Fudge
Chocolate Cheese Fudge

National Apple Strudel Day –  The word “strudel” means “vortex” in German, coming from the many layers that swirl around and around the filling.  No matter WHAT it means though, this is one incredibly delicious dish! 

Well, today seems to be focused mainly on food, but there are at least a couple of other things to think about.  Personally, I really enjoyed reading about the Ladies Day at the baseball park! Can you imagine what it must have been like?  Awesome!  Well, it’s time to get myself to work . . . so God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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