Celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Cartoonists, Hoagies and MUCH More! It’s A Busy Monday!

May 5th

It is time to tell all of you again how grateful for you I am.  As I was logging in last night to start today’s post, I realized that we’d passed 44,000 page views.  Now, to the long time bloggers, and other folks who have LOTS of followers who have actually signed up for emails and on Facebook, this isn’t much, but I am still only at 75 Facebook Likes (please share with your friends so they Like too!) and not sure how many people actually signed up to get emails.  No, people are finding the blog and reading it!  I’m honored, I’m humbled and I’m so blessed.  I am now averaging nearly 2,000 views a week!  So thank you – every single one of you.  Please, comment if there’s something you like, or even if you DON’T like (but keep it nice- this is a family friendly blog), and let me know what you think and how you feel.  As I get closer to going live with the new format I will be branching out and doing new things along with the daily celebrations . . . we’ll be going on adventures like hiking, on little road trips, cooking fun food, talking about how to make things ourselves that will save money and be healthier options for our bodies.  We’ll be talking about health issues, new eating plan options, exploring exercise and pretty much anything anyone wants to talk about!  I am open to suggestions and conversation, ideas to research and fun things to explore.  The feed back is wonderful.  In the meantime, keep on celebrating and thank you so much for being the best readers in the world. 

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Cartoonists Day – I remember when I was little I had to wait until my father was finished with the newspaper before I could look at it.  At that time, nothing in it mattered except for the comics, and I remember them as being truly funny!  I loved Family Circle, Dennis the Menace and a few others.  Lately, the funny seems to be gotten lost somewhere so I don’t bother any more, but back then, it was something to really look forward to – especially in the Sunday paper.  Today is Cartoonists Day, which is in celebration of the very first color comic strip, published on May 5th in 1895.  It was called The Yellow Kid.  Gradually the comics became a staple in every newspaper in the country and that’s why we celebrate this today!  Cartoonists do far more than the papers though, they do animation, greeting cards, kids books, illustration – even toy and game design are heavily saturated with the work of talented cartoonists.  As someone who can barely make a recognizable stick figure, this is pretty impressive.

Childhood Stroke Awareness Day –   A common initial thought when someone mentions childhood stokes is that they had no idea that babies and children have stokes!  That sort of initial reaction is exactly WHY this type of an awareness campaign is necessary.  The stories are so heart breaking that I had a difficult time even considering writing about them.  I have linked this site for your information, should you wish to read for yourselves.  I didn’t think I could do the topic justice. It’s just too serious an issue to doing half way.

Cinco de Mayo – When you think of, and celebrate, Cinco de Mayo, do you have any clue what it is you are actually celebrating?  It’s an awesome day in Mexico’s history, but it would be nice if everyone who celebrates it would at least have an idea of WHY they are!  It’s not just food, margaritas and more food.  On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French army at the Battle of Puebla.  This single military battle dignified the defeat of a European colonial power, and was a great victory for the Mexican people.  This single battle is the root of Cinco de Mayo.  Many believe that this is the celebration of Mexican Independence, but it isn’t. That comes on September 16th.  Cinco de Mayo has come to be more than just one battle in the history of Mexico, it has come to signify Hispanic and Mexican pride and a time to celebrate their rich culture.  It is a time of song, dance, partying and in general a time to be proud of their history.  As for why we celebrate it here in the U.S.?  Well, we do have a large Hispanic population, but it seems it is a good reason to enjoy good food, great beverages and friends or family. 

International Midwives’ Day – International Midwives Day was first celebrated on May 5, 1991. Since that time, it has been celebrated every year on May 5 and over 50 nations recognize its importance. Midwifery care is needed internationally. Midwives fill a special role in maternity care by decreasing maternal and neonatal mortality rates. Midwives honor mothers and babies, and they believe in the ability to birth without unnecessary intervention. Celebrating this day will bring more positive publicity to midwifery care that will entitle women to a larger selection of birth choices. If I could have a do-over with my kids, knowing in hindsight how simple and quick my deliveries were, I would have done it at home with a midwife.  Live and learn though.

Melanoma Monday – How many of us go through life thinking that nothing bad will happen to us?  Illness is for other people – we don’t have time!  Truth is that nobody is exempt. For Melanoma Monday – part of Skin Cancer Awareness Month – many dermatology clinics are giving free screenings, so today would be a perfect opportunity to get checked!  If that isn’t available to you, please be sure to do a self-check regularly for any unusual spots that are new, or that have been there and are changing.  The reason for all of the concern?  Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer and instances are up by 800% in the last few decades among young women 18-39 years old, double the instances in men. Get checked, once a year, to make sure that you are OK.  If you are hitting the tanning beds, STOP.  Apply and reapply sun screen regularly, wear a sun hat when you’re out in the sun and pay attention to changes you see on your skin.  And where is the celebration in this?  Well, finding out you DON’T have melanoma is a great reason to celebrate, wouldn’t you think? 

National Hoagie Day –  The Hoagie sandwich goes by different names, Hoagie, Sub and Hero.  This big sandwich is a regular part of many diets in America.  They are eaten for lunch, dinner and even as a late night snack!  It’s a perfect on-the-go meal for people who are running from one place to another.  The popularity of the Hoagie sub is partly do to its versatility.  It can be hot or cold, made with lunch meat, or meatballs.  It can have cheese, or not, and be loaded with veggies . . . or not.  Depending on the person making or eating it.  What’s not to like about that?

Oyster Day – Oysters are a shellfish, or “mollusks” found in both freshwater and saltwater. They often produce pearls, making Oyster Day a real gem. (bad pun – I know)  In the ocean (or freshwater for some types), oysters sift food from the water around them. When they do this, they sometimes pick up a piece of sand or grit.  If that piece of sand or grit gets lodged in the oyster’s system, the oyster reacts to the irritation by slowly secreting a substance called “nacre” around the sand. Eventually, it develops into a pearl. Do all oysters develop a pearl? No, but wouldn’t it be great to open one up to find a sparkling pearl!? Oysters are a delicacy, enjoyed by many. Some folk love oysters, especially the “upper crust”. Others find oysters to be an acquired taste. I personally have never actually eaten an oyster and would have to be starving – literally – before I’d have one.  If you are so inclined, you can celebrate Oyster Day by eating oysters, Or, buy some pearls for yourself  – now THAT is the best way to celebrate Oyster Day!  Seattle, Washington is the world’s largest producers of cultivated pearls. They are known as the “Oyster Capital of the World”. I find that to be slightly funny, since I live about 45 minutes from Seattle and had NO idea about that.

Totally Chipotle Day – Wooooweeee!  Hot one comin’ through!  May 5th is Totally Chipotle Day – conveniently coinciding with Cinco de Mayo, to honor the uniquely Mexican heritage of the chipotle pepper.  Chipotles are a very popular kind of smoke dried jalapeno chili that are found frequently in Mexican and Mexican-American cuisine.  Today we pay tribute to this flavorful chili and cook chipotle-inclusive meals in its honor.  The unique smoking process lessens the burn you may have had with other jalapenos, so maybe you won’t need to drown the flavor in water. If spicy sauces are something you appreciate, please include them in your meals today – after all, what better day than Cinco de Mayo, right?

This Day In History

1862 – Mexican forces under Benito Juarez defeated French troops in the Battle of Puebla. Today this battle is celebrated as Cinco de Mayo.      
1865 – North Bend, Ohio gets on the map. It’s the site of the fist US train robbery            1893 – The New York Stock Exchange crashes, causing the “Great Panic of 1893”.            1961 – Alan Shepard rides “Freedom 7” to becomes 1st American in space.

Food Celebration of the Day

Cinco de Mayo – Commemorating the defeat of the French by the Mexican militia in 1862, Cinco de Mayo remains a day of pride — and a good reason to celebrate all things Mexican.

Busy, busy day and a wonderful way to start out a new week!  Happy celebrating everyone!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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