Celebrating Best Friends, the Vast and Powerful Ocean, Soul Food and More! Celebrate Saturday With Me!

Jun 8th

Happy Saturday!  It’s always a great day when we can wake up to the sound of the birds singing, instead of the sound of the shrieking alarm.  I really hate that sound. 

Best Friend Day – If you are fortunate enough to have someone you call your best friend, then you are indeed blessed.  Today is the day to appreciate friendship, and to honor the relationship you have with that friend. There are some folks who say that you can only have one best friend at a time, and some that say you can have several.  I say that the number doesn’t matter, as long as there is trust.  A friend is there for you if you’re happy, if you’re grumpy, on your best days, and your worst.  They don’t judge you for choices you make, but support you in your endeavors.  A friend will laugh and cry with you,  forgive you easily, and be there through everything.  There’s a lot that a friend is NOT, but I think that’s for another post on another day.   Those of you who know me probably already know what I’m talking about, but that road leads to a rant to end all rants, and I’m just too happy it’s Saturday to go there today!

Name Your Poison Day – Have you ever heard someone say “Name Your Poison”?  It’s not often you’d hear that in your daily life, but I know I’ve heard it in the movies.  It’s most common context is when someone walks up to a bar and the bartender, perpetually drying glasses, asks the customer to decide what they want.  It isn’t always used in to refer to alcoholic beverages though.  It’s about making a choice, especially when there are plenty of options.  The exact origins of this phrase are not known, but it has been suggested on the links I’ve followed that it started out with negative connotation – perhaps where none of the options that are available are good ones, but you have to choose one anyway.  Makes sense.  Let’s take the negative out of it today though, and if you have a choice to make, make it a good one. Name Your Poison could be – for today at least – which dessert you want!  Sounds like a plan.  

Belmont Stakes –   I’ve never been to a horse race, which actually is a little sad since Emerald Downs is in Seattle.  Maybe some day.  Today is a BIG day in horse racing though, as it is the day the Belmont Stakes takes place this year.  The race is held at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.  It is the final, and they say the most demanding, race in the Triple Crown.  The Belmont is a Grade 1 stakes race run over a 1-1/2 mile dirt track for three year olds.  To earn the legendary status given to Triple Crown winners a horse must deal with what is probably the longest distance of their racing career, as well as to a truly grueling schedule.  Most high level thoroughbreds race every three or four weeks, but the Belmont takes place three weeks after the Preakness, and five weeks after the Kentucky Derby.  The scheduling of the Triple Crown Races is as big a challenge to these horses as the competitions themselves.  The first Belmont race was held in 1866, and is the oldest of the Triple Crown races by nearly a decade.  The race is named for the 19th century financier August Belmont, Sr. and was originally run at the Jerome Park Racetrack in the Bronx. The Jerome Park track was built by a Wall Street colleague of Belmont’s, Leonard Jerome.  August Belmont passed away in 1890, and Leonard Jerome in 1891.  Following their deaths the event was moved to the nearby Morris Park Race Course until Belmont Park opened.  The race has been held annually since then, except for 1911 and 1912.  Between 1963 and 1967 there was a major renovation project at Belmont Park, so the race was held for those years at the Aqueduct Racetrack.  While the Kentucky Derby is known as the “run for the roses”, the Belmont winner traditionally receives a blanket of carnations, though the title “the run for the carnations” hasn’t actually stuck since it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite right.  In 1973 Secretariat clinched the Triple Crown in the Belmont with a downright dominant performance.  He set a course record of 2:24 in winning the race by an astounding 31 lengths.  One of the most famous images of Secretariat’s victory is the shot of jockey Ron Turcotte easing up on the horse near the finish line as he looked back over his shoulder in amazement that the rest of the horses were nearly out of sight.  My favorite though, will always be a local “boy”, Seattle Slew, who won the Triple Crown in 1977.  Secretariat was amazing, but so was Seattle Slew and of course I always want to sing the praises of the success of a local, be it human or horse. 

Upsy Daisy Day – This day was started by Stephanie West Allen, and she started it to encourage all of us to start our days with a smile no matter what challenges lie ahead.  Her message to remember to be grateful for each day.  She used to publish an e-zine called “Upsy Daisy Daily” about how to start each day anew.  “Feeling gratitude will smooth out the landscape so you can create new paths.  Replace the thoughts of sickness with thoughts of health, poverty thoughts with wealth thoughts, dread thoughts with dream thoughts.”  A nice way to start the day in the right direction would be to start the Upsy Daisy song:

Upsy Daisy here I come,  
I’m the only Upsy one!
I’m the only Daisy too,
Ipsy, Upsy, Daisy Doo

I couldn’t tell you what tune this song has, and for myself, I agree with the positive thinking, grateful mindset, but I prefer starting my day with a nice long conversation with God while I get myself going.  It’s up to you though, whatever motivates you in the right direction to have an Upsy Daisy Day.

Worldwide Knit (and crotchet) in Public Day –  I envy people the talent with yarn.  I’m not one of them.  My Grandmothers were so talented, my cousins and aunt are too.  Me? Not a bit of coordination in that department.  Today is an unofficial holiday because it encourages crafters to come together and celebrate their amazing skills.  Now through Sunday, people are gathering all over the world to show off their yarncrafting skills in public.   Make today your own personal day to celebrate in a local coffee shop, park, or other public place, creating beautiful yarn crafts.  I’ll be envying your talent from afar.

World Oceans Day – I love going to the ocean.  Standing on the sand, looking out over the seemingly endless expanse, hearing the crash of the waves and the power that this incredible body of water holds just fills me with a deep respect and awe of our Creator.  If the ocean is this powerful, how much more powerful is He?  I could stand at the waters edge and ponder this for hours.  Beyond the beauty and power, and the artistic majesty of the oceans of the world, they also generate most of the oxygen that we breathe.  They help feed us, regulate our climates, and clean the water that we drink.  The oceans all over the world interconnect with each other, and links all continents together.  Anyone who questions that intelligent intent created this must have sand for brains, because the intricacy of all of this isn’t a happy accident.  To celebrate this day head for the ocean and enjoy the beauty of all it is, if you can.  If you aren’t near an ocean, maybe watch a movie or documentary about it. 

Food Celebration of the Day –

National Soul Food Month (Day) – The term “soul food” was coined in the 1960s to honor the ways African-American cooks transformed unwanted cuts of meat and unglamorous veggies into delicious meals during slavery.  Most people think of it as good Southern cooking, and truly, much of it just means comfort.

Enjoy your Saturday!  It looks like the clouds are going to burn off and get nice out, which is good.  I need to bathe the dog and it’s just easier out in the sun with the hose than it is leaning over her in the tub, trying to keep her in it while her medicated shampoo sits for 10 minutes.  Come on sun!  Bathing the dog may not be your idea of fun, well it’s not mine either, but however you decide to spend your day, celebrate it every moment.   God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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