Celebrate Pretty – Beauty Is On the Inside!

Aug 2nd

Happy Friday to you!  I am so happy to get to the end of the week – it’s been a busy one and I’m ready to have a couple of days off.  I’m sure most of you are too.  There are few fun celebrations today though!  Every day, as I see each new and surprising celebration that someone felt inclined to actually register, I have to smile.  If it was important enough to create, then doggone it, we shall celebrate it! 

Dinosaurs Day – When my son was little he had a whole bunch of those little plastic dinosaurs.  He would line them up, repeat their names, build caves out of Styrofoam and play with them for hours on end.  He loved those things.  I wasn’t as fond of them.  You see, just like Legos, those dinosaurs are MURDER on bare feet in the dark!  It was inevitable, after every ice age in our living room dinosaur saga ONE single critter would get left out and my feet would be the first that it encountered.  Creative verbiage to describe the pain would promptly follow.  Today though, we honor the magnificent prehistoric reptiles that we know as dinosaurs.  From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the Brontosaurus and all the rest of them, dinosaurs have captured our imaginations.  There are countless books and movies about them to show how the interest is always alive – from the youngest to the oldest among us.  Scientists may not agree on what global catastrophe wiped them off of the planet, but those differences do not stop us from enjoying learning about them, seeing their skeletons in museums, watching the movies and reading the books. 
Did you know …
… the word Pterodactyl means “winged lizard”?
… the Tyrannosaurus Rex was 15 feet tall and 40 feet long?
… there is a new name for the Brontosaurus? It is now called the Apatosaurus.

Pretty Is as Pretty Does Day – All of us have heard for years – all our lives if your family was anything like mine – that it’s not what is on the outside that counts, but what is on the inside.  That is what this day is all about.  We may spend some time in front of the mirror fixing our hair and makeup to make the outside as presentable as we can, but it is what we do, how we live our lives and how we treat others that really speaks of our true beauty – the beauty that we have in our hearts.  Since prettiness is the foundation for this special day, we can celebrate by making the world around you more beautiful.  Planting wildflowers in a vacant lot or help to paint an elderly  neighbor’s house.  Once these projects are complete, you can go back home, and settle yourself up in the living room and watch some movies themed around “pretty”   . . . “Pretty Woman”,  “Pretty in Pink” or “Pretty Baby” come to mind!

International Beer Day – (first Friday in August) – Today is a global celebration of beer.  Pub, breweries and back yards everywhere will be the meeting place for people who love beer – everyone raising a toast to their brewers and bartenders and rejoicing in the greatness of beer.  I used to hate beer with a passion.  I’d only tried a couple of different kinds and hated them both.  Surprisingly, especially to me, I found a few years ago that beer is NOT all the same!  I know! Shocking, right?  My brother and his business partners started a brewery, and I began tasting different beers and I can honestly say that I have developed a taste for a few favorites.  I’ve also discovered the joy of baking with it!  It makes cake very moist and adds a lovely flavor.  If you don’t have any religious or addiction related reasons NOT to drink beer, and you’ve decided that you don’t like it based on a couple of samples, go to a local microbrewery where they specialize in creating new flavors and ask to taste a few.  My bet is, if they are any good at all, that you’ll find something you really like!  And if you DO like beer, celebrate today by lifting an icy mug of beer in honor of your local brewer.

This Day in History
1876 – Wild Bill Hickock is killed during a poker game. He was holding a “Dead Man’s Hand”, two pair aces and 8’s.

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – I love ice cream sandwiches.  I love the ones we usually find in the stores with the chocolate rectangular cookies with vanilla ice cream in between, and I like the kind I can make at home with homemade chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, or even peanut butter, with the ice cream of my choice in between.  The idea of sandwiching ice cream between cookies isn’t new, Good Humor was the first to introduce packaged ice cream sandwiches in the 1920s.  America isn’t the only country that appreciates this fancy frozen treat.  In the Philippines sweet vendors sell ice cream sandwiches using hamburger buns instead of the cookie or cake sandwich pieces that we are familiar with.  I can honestly say that this type of ice cream sandwich just doesn’t sound all that appealing!








Well there you have it.  Dinosaurs, being pretty, beer and ice cream sandwiches.  Four topics that you usually don’t see in the same sentence or even on the same day . . . except here of course.  Enjoy!  God Bless You and I will see you tomorrow!  (After a little bit of a sleep in!)


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