Carousels and Hot Fudge Sundaes! Could There BE Anything More Fun Than That?

Jul 25th

It’s Friday, It’s Friday!  Can you believe it’s Friday already?  It’s been a really odd week for me, but a good one.  Especially after the experiences of LAST week!  Today I get to spend hanging out with my Mother-In-Law, doing a little shopping, baking my hubby’s birthday cake and just having a little fun together.  First stop. . . . town to get a few things, and baking after that.  Recipe for a good day!

Culinarian’s Day – This is a day that EVERYONE can celebrate!  It is for anyone who cooks.  You don’t have to be a chef, just be able to make your way around a kitchen a little bit.  We all have to eat, right?  Eating out gets expensive, and honestly there isn’t any control over what is in the food when you eat out.  We are a country that is getting more and more obese every year, so it really is time for more people to figure out how to do healthy cooking at home.  This holiday is a great place to start!  Get into your kitchen and celebrate by cooking up a storm! In my house EVERY day is Culinarian’s Day.


Carousel Day or Merry-Go-Round Day – What  a magical thing to celebrate!  I love carousels, always have.  There is an old classic wooden carousel at the Washington State Fair (see the picture to the left)- every time we go I would take a ride with the kids.  It’s beautiful, with all the brightly painted animals and seats, the brass poles to hold onto.  There’s another one that is set up every year at Westlake Center in Seattle during the Christmas season.  It is absolutely magical!  All of the trees on the block are all lit up with twinkle lights, Christmas music is piped in, and depending on the day, you may get to take a ride on the carousel while listening to Christmas carolers.  The whole thought just puts a smile on my face!  Truth is, you can’t get on a carousel without feeling wonderful when you get off.  It just takes you back to childhood!  There are some carousels that are considered to be National Historic Landmarks.  William Schneider of Davenport, Iowa patented the modern carousel on July 25th, 1871. 

* Visit a classic wood carousel (from the 1800s to the 1940s)

* Take a ride on a metal carousel (built in the 1940s to the 1960s)

National Talk in An Elevator Day – How many times have you been standing in an elevator with a few strangers and the entire ride is filled with an awkward silence?  You don’t look left or right, or risk making eye contact with anyone.  I commuted to Seattle for a few years, and part of the time was in a building with several busy elevators.  Every day was the same – a crowd would get on and stare at the door after punching the button for the floor we wanted – and shoulder past each other without a glance or a word.  A sea of strangers passing each other day in and day out.  How sad is that?  Working in the same building with all of those people for all of those years and I didn’t know any of them, unless they were on my floor!  Today, if you happen to be in an elevator, talk to someone.  Just say hi, or have a nice day.  Something brief is plenty, just break the silence and smile.  That could be your new friend standing next to you and if you don’t say hi you’ll never get to know them!

Thread the Needle DayNo, this is not a day about sewing.  Though threading the needle is definitely something that someone who sews does, but that’s a completely different celebration  No, “Thread The Needle” is a saying.  It means to either walk a fine and awkward line between two things or issues, or to do something difficult.  One example of that would be if you have two friends on opposite sides of an issue – you may have to “thread the needle” on the issue as you try to retain both of them as your friend.  “Threading the Needle” is also a term used in billiards, referring to the precise shooting so an object ball is carefully shot through a narrow pathway.  The term has been used in football and basketball, and apparently it is also a yoga pose!  Wow!  Quite the versatile little term!

This Day In History

1814  – American forces defeat the British at the Battle of Niagara Falls (Lundy’s Lane)     
1978 –  Louise Joy Brown, the First “Test Tube” baby is born in Oldham General Hospital, UK

Food Celebration of the Day

National Hot Fudge Sundae DayIs there anything more delicious than hot fudge on ice cream?  There’s something absolutely decadent about it, and satisfies that need for something cold, sweet, rich and absolutely calorically sinful. Mmmmm, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, nuts sprinkled on top with whipped cream and a cherry!  Oh my goodness, why-oh-why must I always be watching what I eat?  My tummy just gurgled!  While looking this up I found out something interesting.  Hot Fudge sauce, planters nuts, A-1 sauce and Kellogg’s corn flakes were all introduced in the United States in 1906!  Here are some delicious ideas from www. to tempt your taste buds today.

Well, the day took a turn for the happy with carousels and hot fudge sundaes! Yum and FUN!  Celebrate with your whole heart today, and as you head into the weekend, remember that every day, no matter what comes up, there is something to celebrate. God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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