Button, Button, Let’s Count Some Buttons!

Oct 21st

thPE1YNUNJGood Morning and Welcome Back!  My wonderful IT folks at 3S Design figured it out and have us back up and running!  I knew they would!  Ever since I was introduced to them by a friend of mine, they’ve done everything in their power to give me what I asked for (even sometimes when I didn’t even KNOW what I was asking for myself!) for what I would definitely say is a MORE than reasonable price.  Click the link to their ad on the right side of the page to see what services they may be able to do for you and your business!  We’ve missed several days though, and I don’t think any of us want to back track . . . so here’s to moving forward!  Seize the day and all that . . .


tuesday coffeeAs I sat here last night getting things started, I felt myself start to tighten up and get stressed as I listened to the wind blowing in the trees.  My general feeling of well-being sort of did a little leap when I heard some branches cracking and falling somewhere in the woods.  The lightening and thunder didn’t bother me, but as we all know, the wind always gives me a struggle.  I tend to forget, temporarily at least, that God is in control and it is He who controls the wind whipping in the trees.  Though the reasons that disasters happen may never be known by us, the truth is that nothing happens that God doesn’t know about, and there’s nothing we can’t give to Him.  He helps us carry our burdens and our fears, we just have to hand them over.  So . . . hand them over I did.  The wind was still blowing, but I felt more calm right away.  Our God is and awesome God!   (yes, I’m tired from laying there listening to the wind as I fell asleep – but not so tired as to tell someone not to talk to me.  I just thought this was pretty cute.)


blahblahBabbling Day – Do you know what a Blatherskite is?  If you read the blog last year, you might already know.  Or you could have known before .  . I didn’t before last year though.  A Blatherskite is a person who babbles, and who better to write about a babbler than someone who talks a lot?!  I’m hoping that all of the other talkers in the world will join me today is celebrating this one.  If you have ever been dubbed “Motor Mouth” or similar nickname, by a family member,  as I was by my Dad, then this day is for you!  Now don’t mistake a babbler with someone who takes the talking to a level so outlandish that they can take a simple sentence and turn it into an endless dissertation.  Those people aren’t babblers, they are just annoying.  So babble on my talkative friends, today is your day! 




buttonsCount Your Buttons Day – This one reminds me so much of my Grandma J.  When I was little I would go over to Grandma’s house for her to watch me while my Mom was busy.  To entertain me sometimes Grandma would bring out this old metal box that was filled to the top with buttons that she had collected over the years.  Some of them were really ornate and heavy, some were just the simple buttons that start out on a man’s button up shirt, but there were 1,000’s of them!  Every time someone would wear out a piece of clothing she would cut up the usable fabric to keep for quilts, and take the buttons and put them in the box.  You never knew when you would need a button, right?  Well, she’d get me set up in the living room with a sheet laid down so we could keep track of the buttons and they wouldn’t get lost in the carpet, and she’d pour those buttons out in front of me.  I’d sort them by color, size and shape for HOURS!  When I was done with that she would let me pick out a handful – somewhere between 12 and 25 of my favorites, and she would sew them loosely onto the front of my shirt.  I have no idea why that was so fantastic to me, but it was.  Poor Mom – Grandma did them so they would be easy to remove later, but I never wanted them to be taken off because I loved them so much.  We weren’t well off, and kids clothes were expensive, so having my brand new shirts now covered with buttons that I would fuss about was just not her idea of a good time.  She tolerated it though, because it really did keep me happy.  Now, I have no idea what the real reason is for this celebration.  I couldn’t find any origin for it, so your guess is as good as mine.  I’m happy they did though – it really gave me a smile at a very happy memory. 


thMY11C6V7Celebration of the Mind Day – We’ve all heard that the mind is a horrible thing to waste, and it’s true.  The more active the human brain is, the better off the person who operates under it.  The body begins to go as we age, and obviously the mind does too, but like the body, the more we exercise it, the longer it will last . . . or so “they” say.  I tend to believe it.  How many of us know someone who’s getting up there in age and they are just as mentally sharp as they ever were.  I’m betting they keep active with games and puzzles that challenge their minds! The human brain is a thing of wonder. Today we celebrate the mind, and the life of one Martin Gardner who dedicated his life to games that used mathematics, art, science, puzzles, and other games which challenged the workings of the human brain.  You can celebrate this day by enjoying some puzzle games to keep your mental juices flowing.



prolifePro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity –  I feel that this one is so important!  Annually students across the country participate in the “Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity”, giving an outlet for students to promote their pro-life views without using words or participating in arguments.  Pro-Life students forego speaking to honor, with their silence, the members of their generation – including anyone born after the legalization of abortion on-demand in American in 1973 – who were never allowed to be born. Students, do NOT let anyone tell you that you do not have the right to do this, because you do.  As a citizen of this country you have the RIGHT to free speech, or free silence, as the case may be.  Here is the link for their website – and blessings to any and all students who participate.  The most important thing you can do on this  day is to pray.  Use the silence of the day to pray on behalf of the preborn, and their mothers, as well as anyone else involved in the decision and procedure that ends a precious life. God is the God of miracles and He will hear our prayers and bless anyone and everyone they touch.




reptileReptile Awareness Day – My first thought when I saw this one was “ugh”.  I can’t stand snakes, doesn’t matter if they are poisonous or not, I don’t like them, I will never like them, you can’t make me like them by telling me that I should like them. OK? Don’t try.  And then, after the shudders passed, I realized that this isn’t just about snakes.  This is also about lizards, and lizards I don’t mind.  Probably has something to do with the fact that they have legs and feet, and don’t slither along.  Anyway, it turns out that there are many reptiles of varying sorts that are endangered, as are their habitats.  Today was set up, by whom or when I have no idea – couldn’t find it, to bring awareness to the plight of various creatures of the reptilian variety, and to encourage folks to donate to the cause of saving them.  So, if you are so inclined – keep in mind that reptiles do keep down the rodent and bug population – donate today.






This Day In History


1879 – Thomas Edison invented the incandescent electric lamp.


Food Celebration of the Day  –


pumpkin cheesecakeNational Pumpkin Cheesecake Day – Before reaching for the canned pumpkin, double-check the label! Pure canned pumpkin is different from pumpkin filling, which comes already stocked with spices.



Time to get this Tuesday going!  Let’s do a little chattering, eat a little cheesecake and count our favorite buttons!  Sounds like a plan, right?  Thanks for your patience with the interruption in service – but stuff happens and we just roll with it.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!AmericanFlagCrossandPrayingHands

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