Bubbles, JoyGerms and Argyle – Oh My!

Jan 8th

There are days that come along on this Celebration Tour that just stymie me – where do they come up with some of them???  I laugh, then I scratch my head as I try to figure it out – there just isn’t any way to fit them all in – and days like today I can’t even figure out what to title the day.  So on those days when it appears my imagination is lagging . . . it likely is.

Argyle Day – I wish to dedicate this one to my old pastor, and dear friend, Pastor Scott.  To be honest I don’t think a Sunday went by when he was teaching, without argyle peeking out from the tops of his shoes, or on his sweater vests he liked so much.  There has never been another person I’ve ever known who wears Argyle more often than he does – it’s almost his trademark!  What is Argyle though, and why on earth would we celebrate it?  I asked myself that question and I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the answer (humor me, ok?).

Argyle is a pattern made of diamonds (also called lozenges).  Sometimes the word refers to an individual diamond in the design, but it more often is referring to the overall pattern.  Most argyle contains layers of overlapping diamonds, giving it an sense of 3-dimensional movement and texture.  Usually it is make with an overlay of intercorssing diagonal lines over solid diamonds.  The argyle pattern comes from the tartan of the Clan Campbell, of Argyll in western Scotland, used for kilts and plaids, and from the patterned socks worn by the Scottish Highlanders since around the 17th century.  Argyle knit became the fashion in England, and from there the USA, after the 1st world war.  In the 1920s it became popular for argyle jersey’s and long socks to be worn for golf clothing.  So, if you are hiding away an argyle sweater in that drawer or closet, today is the day to take it out and wear it!  (For myself, I can honestly say I’ve never, ever owned anything with any hint of argyle on it – so this is one I’ll need to pass up)

National English Toffee Day –  This one has my taste buds wishing for a bite of this lovely, rich, buttery treat.  National English Toffee Day is meant to remind you of the flavor of North America’s favorite type of toffee. Store-bought English toffee can be used in many of our dessert recipes.   After a quick search I found many, many recipes for making your own, for that homemade touch, whether your preference is for chewy or crunchy toffee goodness!  Here’s a good looking recipe I found that looks very simple! I may have to give this a try one of these days!

Midwife’s Day or Women’s Day   – This one is celebrated, from what I can tell, in Greece.  My search – though admittedly not long – found that in Greece:  “On this day women stop their housework and spend their time in caffe’s, while the men do all the houswork and chores as well as look after the kids. In some villages, men who are caught outside will be stripped …and they will be drenched in cold water!”  I had to chuckle over this one – it brought up some pretty funny mental images.  They must have a great sense of humor because I cannot imagine most men I know going along with this “punishment” for such a “crime”.

National JoyGerm Day –  Remember the song “If You’re Happy And You Know It?” well, today is the day to spread that happiness around and “infect” others with it!  Yes, happiness – smiling, laughing and joy – are contagious, and today is the day to spread that cheer around.  The ripple effect from happiness just keeps spreading and sharing from one person to the next, so share some JoyGerms with someone today!

Here you go ladies – this one is for you!  Today is ALSO – Male Watcher’s Day – men watch the ladies all the time, wherever they go.  Well, today is the day that the tables are turned and it’s the day to go wherever it is the guys are hanging out and get an eyeful.  I have my own guy to watch right here at home, so trust me, my eyes will be on him the moment he walks through that door!  Never a moment when watching my guy doesn’t put a big smile on my face, and a lot of happiness in my heart.

Saving the BEST for last . . . today is Bubble Bath Day!  Today is the day to celebrate bubble baths in any way you can think of.  It’s a day to try out a new fizzy bath bomb, new bath bubble scent, or make bubble bath gifts-in-a jar that you can make yourself to give to friends.  There is nothing more relaxing than filling up the tub with hot, bubbly, scented water, lighting a few candles and soaking all the cares of the day away while reading a good book and sipping a glass of wine.  Yep, you guessed it, when I am finished with dinner and clean-up, I will be celebrating this particular holiday with enthusiasm and a sigh of contentment.

However you choose to celebrate this day, enjoy yourself, spread some joy and God Bless You.

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