Black Cats . . . Today We Appreciate and Love Them

Aug 17th

Yesterday was AWESOME!  Hubby and I went shopping and found some amazing bargains at the stores, and we got some pretty incredible cupboards to be new homes for my antique teacup and teapot collection! I can’t wait to get everything all set up and organized!  Right now they are hidden away in a back room where nobody can appreciate them.  I have a pretty old set that my Grandmother gave me, the same set we would sit and have tea parties with when I was little.  I have been wanting to display it for quite some time and now I’ll be able to!  Today we have some more errands to run, but it’s for a GREAT reason!  We are installing a wall of cupboards in the dinette for all of the china and a lot of my baking pans.  I cannot tell you want an incredible thing this is since everything is all crammed into space that is much too small.  AND, yes, there’s another and, hubby found me an old fashioned pie safe!  I am so thrilled!  We have to go out and pick up the new shelving at Home Depot and the pie safe from the people selling it to us.  Great day yesterday and it’s going to be a great day today.

Black Cat Appreciation Day – At first glance you may think this one is about Halloween or superstition, but it’s not!  Today we bring our attention to black cats for a very good reason!  All of us have grown up hearing that black cats are unlucky or evil.  Because of these superstitious beliefs, black cats are often the last cats to be adopted and the first to be put to sleep in shelters.  It’s also been reported by shelters that October is a very rough month for black cats because many get roughed up and abandoned.  Finding them homes now will help to get many of them settled before the fall hits and the bad stuff starts happening. 
I have my own beautiful black kitty that I love very much – here she is now!  You’ve all seen her before.  She’s definitely MY cat in that she comes to me for all of her cuddles, tolerating pets from other people, but clamoring to get into my lap for as many snuggles as she can get.  I cannot fathom anyone harming a loving creature such as this just because of the color of her fur.  Sounds like something humans do to each other, doesn’t it?

Meaning of “Is” Day – Have you ever given any thought to what the meaning of the word “is” is?  I know I hadn’t.  So, what is the meaning?  See, the question cannot even be asked without using it!.  It’s a difficult word to define, even for a word that is so small  Basically it is the third person singular form of the word “be”, which is ALSO difficult to define without going into a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  Perhaps spend today trying to define the usage of IS in our words, without using the word be.  It’s actually quite a challenge.  There are lots of words I feel this way about . . . too many to list.  Let’s start with the word “of” . . . and go from there.

This Day In History –

1961 – Construction is started on the Berlin Wall.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Vanilla Custard Day – If you’ve caught notes of vanilla coming from the hearth, you’re not imagining things! Vanillin, the chemical that contributes to the flavor of vanilla, forms when wood burns.  I did not know that!

Now I have to run!  Must make breakfast really quick, then get out there and collect my pie safe and cupboards! YEAH for organization!  I’m not there yet, but this will get me much closer!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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