Between Bad Poetry, Ice Cream Pie and Mail Order Catalogs – It’s a Great Day!

Aug 18th

Good Morning and a Happy Sunday to each of you!  I am sitting here in the quiet of the morning, the cool air coming in the open window, my cats sacked out near me, the dog equally sacked out across the room.  Hubby went for an early morning motorcycle ride and I’m here to spend my time with you!  

Bad Poetry Day is a day to create some really bad poetry, and it appears to be for no other reason than “just because”.  The good thing about BAD poetry is that we can better appreciate GOOD poetry, right?  The people who created this day – – intended it to gather a group of old high school friends and write some really bad poetry and send it to your high school English teacher.  I can’t even remember WHO my high school English teachers were, and don’t see the point, but if this floats their boat . . . my job is to just share it with you! 

God’s Preeminence Day – This is a new one . . . actually this is the 1st time it’s been celebrated ever.  The third Sunday of August has been set up as “God’s Preeminence Day” and is a specific day set aside from all other holidays, designed to pay tribute to God and Holy Spirit.  I’m not sure how I feel about this one, since nowhere in the description that I read mentioned The Son.  However, I will include the meaning of this day for any who wish to know about it.  This is a day that is intended to make us contemplate how we approach and speak to God, paying tribute to Him and giving Him all glory.  Since this is actually a federal holiday, I guess I couldn’t have expected them to get it right.  They are at least recognizing Him as the Creator of all. 
*** My own personal and instinctual response to this one is that it’s a pat on the head for people of any and all faiths, and is intended to somehow be all inclusive so nobody has their feelings hurt.  I could go on a long diatribe about this, but won’t.  I’ll leave everyone to come up with their own conclusions on their own.  Suffice it to say that I feel that not even mentioning the Son in this one, makes it null and void, for without the Trinity you have empty words and nothing of any spiritual value.

Mail Order Catalog Day – I love catalogs.  I always have.  I remember as a kid looking forward to the Sears and JC Penney’s catalogs.  I’d look at every single page, even if it wasn’t anything I was interested in.  By the time I was in high school I would make lists of everything I wanted and write down the price.  I needed to be filthy rich to get everything I wanted.  I never just liked a dress.  I wanted that dress in every color.  Same with shoes.  When I was newly married and expecting my first child I’d sit with the catalog and dream of the furniture I’d love to some day have, and the nursery being set up the way I wanted it to be.  And again, I would have had to be really wealthy to do it all.  So, when did these magical books for dreamers start being published?  Well, on August 18, 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward published the first mail-order catalog, which ushered in a booming business trend for consumers who were looking for convenience.  The Sears catalog followed about 16 years later.  Now it feels like, especially the closer we get to Christmas – so right about NOW, that marketers and merchandisers begin mailing out their catalogs and promotional fliers earlier each year, getting ready for all of the happy shoppers.  I suppose with the economy being what it is, planning ahead is pretty important.  We started an experiment this year at work.  My boss’s Mom must be on every single list known to the marketing world, and the amount of mail she gets every year is amazing.  So, on January 1st we got out a big box for her office and every catalog she gets, when she’s finished looking at it, goes into that box.  I don’t know if we are going to weigh it, or count the catalogs after the year is over, but we are going to see just how much mail she’s gotten.  It’s a LOT though!

Serendipity Day – What IS serendipity?  It means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; a fortunate mistake, but very specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. This word was voted one of the 10 English words hardest to translate by a British translation company, but because of its sociological use, the word has been exported into many other languages.  So how would you celebrate this one?  Well . . . Dare to Dream, Expect the Best, Celebrate Life, and to live expecting miracles.  Sounds good to me!

(World) Daffodil Day – I have searched high and low.  Daffodils are not in season.  Daffodil bulbs are not yet in season for planting.  So WHY would today be World Daffodil Day?  I don’t know!  I did find a small note about a fundraising and awareness event for cancer research.  Any ideas? 

This Day In History
1938 – The 1,000 Islands bridge, connecting the US and Canada is dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Food Celebration of the Day
National Ice Cream Pie DayIt’s hard to top the joy of a bowl of cold, creamy ice cream, but with a little imagination (and lots of delicious toppings), a pie makes it possible!  One thing I used to do when the kids were younger and bringing home friends often – and I found myself running out of snacks – I’d make ahead ice cream pies and have them in the freezer.  There was always something ready for kids.  Due to my own personal weight loss issues and the ongoing effort to achieve better health, I stopped doing that, but it might be a good idea to be prepared and have a couple on hand for special occasions.  I’ll have to give it some thought!

May your day be filled with relaxation and many celebrations.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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