Being Positive Making New Friends and Bringing Happiness

Feb 11th

Clean Out Your Computer Day is a day we all probably need to celebrate.  How many of us save pictures, files, links, spreadsheets and programs that we used once or twice, then forgot about,  that long ago should have been deleted, but we leave them on our computers to just clog things up.  All of these things we hang onto without even thinking about it slow things down and even cause us frustration over the slowness, and we blame the computer when it’s not even the poor computer’s fault.  It’s doing the best it can to do what you want it to, in spite of the fact that its storage capacity could easily be nearly at the limit.  So, get into the spirit of the day and clean out the computer.   It’s the pre-spring cleaning of your cyber world.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day is a day to just realize that sometimes stuff happens – whether it’s spilled milk, unexpected glitches in the schedule, highway delays, or something else that just puts you in a grumbly mood because it changes your plans.  It’s a day to be optimistic and realize that everyone spills a little milk now and then, and rather than focus on the “stuff” that is going on, to look on the bright side.  There’s always a bright side – no matter what it is that is going on.  Taking a positive attitude towards life and everything in it, makes it all easier to deal with and lets you relax and release stress for situations that just don’t require it.  The old question of whether the glass if half full or half empty doesn’t need to be answered with pessimism.  An optimistic outlook will make the day go better every time.  Besides, what good does it do go cry over spilled milk anyway?  It’s spilled, it needs to be cleaned up. End of story.  Crying over it will only make the task take longer, give you puffy eyes, and really make you look like a whiner.  Buck up and just roll with life as it hits you.

Make a Friend Day – No matter how many friends we have, we should always be able to answer the question “Do you have enough friends?” with a resounding “NO!”   No matter how many friends we may have, more friends only make life that much sweeter and more rewarding because friends are a valuable asset in our lives!  Making new friends really isn’t all that difficult – smiling, being helpful or personable usually gets the conversational ball rolling so you can figure out if someone has a personality click with you and could potentially be a new friend.  And even if that person won’t be a new buddy right now, doesn’t mean they won’t be someday.    So keep your eyes open, and your smile ready – the next new person you meet could just end up someday being your friend!

Be Electrific Day – This holiday was started back in 1998 by a professional speaker by the name of Carolyn Finch.  She defines electrific as “an abbreviation for an electrification project – which means to put light where light has not been before.” It’s a good day to be electrific since it is also the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison – the genius we are all grateful for since he invented many electrical items, including the lightbulb.  Thomas Edison held 1090+ US Patents, was an inventor and businessman, founded General Electric and accomplished many other things that are just too numerous to list.  Since Mr. Edison brought light to where light had not been before – speaking electrifically of course, we celebrate this birthday AND as Ms. Finch suggests “the electricity in all of us”.  Actually we are all electrically charged beings, and if you don’t believe me, just rub your stocking feet on the floor and touch a filing cabinet – you’ll find out really quick and personal how electrical you really are!  So if you happen to see someone in your office who looks a little short on energy today, rub those feet on the carpet and give them a little zap – it’ll give them a little charge and wake them right up.

National Shut-In Visitation Day  – February is a month we think about little furry criters predicting the length of winter, and cupids shooting their little love arrows, but what most people DON’T think of this month is all of those men, women and children who, for whatever physical, mental or emotional reason, are unable to leave their homes, and spent their lives pretty much cut off from the outside world and companionship.  These situations leave these people feeling alone, isolated and dispirited.   Imagine for a moment not being able to leave your home to take a walk, run to town to pick something up from the store, or even walk to your own mailbox to et your mail.  Losing that freedom would be so depressing and sad in so many ways.  Today – or any day for that matter – is a great day to think about someone who is going through that, and spend some time with them.  Take them a home-cooked meal, a baked goodie, take them a puzzle or a game that you can enjoy together.  The gift of your time and your caring could be exactly what they need to make their day brighter, and their lives less sad and lonely.  If you don’t know any shut-ins personally there are always people in nursing and retirement homes who never have any family or friends visit them – and they see other residents day in and day out get visitors, while nobody comes for them.  You could be a bright spot in their day and who knows?  This could tie in with making new friends day and you could make a great new friend!! Whatever you decide to do though, remember that February isn’t just Valentines, roses and candy – it’s giving of yourself and your time to show love and caring for someone who is isolated and lonely.  Putting a smile on their faces and in their hearts and you will receive a reward greater than any you could imagine.
Life is about making friends, putting smile on people’s faces and living out the underlived words – What Would Jesus Do? – so ask yourself, what WOULD He do?  He would do everything He could every hour of every day to make others feel loved and special. It is also, at least for today, celebrating electricity and the man who invented it, and looking on the bright side and not crying over the little things that pop up to distract us from being positive.    Be blessed and have a wonderful day!  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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