Being Backwards Is Sometimes Fun and Inspiration Is In The Art All Around Us

Jan 31st

We’ve done it! We’ve made it through 31 days of celebrations together and it shocks me how fast the time went by!  I’ve learned a lot and I hope that at least once in awhile you learn a little something new too.  Celebrating life brings laughter, and sometimes tears, but it should always bring friends and family together.  We’re ending the month with two fun ones! Hope you like them as much as I do.

Today is Backwards Day!  Backwards Day? What’s that?  Well, I thought you’d never ask.  Backwards Day is just that – a day when you do everything (or as much as you can without your boss or the law getting upset with you) in the opposite order than you usually do!  This is a popular day with kids, and some schools actually have a spirit day that is designated to being backwards – they wear their clothes backwards, they walk backwards (be careful of the stairs if you do this one though!)  I’m not one to wear my clothes backwards – at least not on purpose, though I have been known on occasion (RARE ONES!) to find my shirt tag in the front if I got dressed in a hurry.  I do think though that it would be a good day to eat dinner backwards – starting with dessert, followed by the main course and the salad.  Now I just have to figure out what’s a worthy dessert!

Have you ever seen a beautiful piece of art – it could a painting, a sculpture, an intricate quilt, or maybe a delicate carving – that just makes you feel wonderful when you look at it?  We’ve all had that experience at one point or another, I’m sure – I know I have anyway.  Today is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day and I encourage everyone to look around you and see the beauty and artistry all around you, no matter where you are or what you are doing.  I know that we have at least two incredible artists who read this page – my wonderful mother-in-law – SR – and my dear friend – KV.  When I look at work that the two of you have created I have to smile – there isn’t a choice because your work makes me feel good.  I’ve always envied people who are artistic, and wondered why God blesses some people to be artistic and others not so much (I can make a great stick figure, but there doesn’t seem to be a call for that very often.).  The best art of all though, is the beauty in the world around us that the Creator of all artists put in place. God himself made the best art we could ever imagine and which mankind has since the beginning of time been trying to emulate on canvas, stone or wood.  However you appreciate art today, in whatever form it takes to inspire your heart, do it with enthusiasm and a sense of awe.

Thank you for sharing this month with me.  I’ll be doing a special edition post for upcoming celebrations we’ll be having together in February.  For now though – enjoy this last day of the month, and God bless you as you appreciate your day, whether it’s backwards, artistic or both at the same time.  See you tomorrow!

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