Bee Stings? OUCH! It Is “Don’t Be Stung By A Bee” Day . . . Good Advice To Follow!

Jul 10th

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s back to work I go!  I love my Wednesdays, but as always, they must come to and end and back to the office I go.  I managed to do a bunch of laundry, clean up the house and generally make things presentable.  Basically the perfect day off – just puttering around the house!

We have a couple of fun ones today!  Oh, to be a kid again!

Teddy Bear Picnic Day – When my daughter was little she had an entire herd of teddy bears and other stuffed animals.  (is it technically a herd with bears?) She’d line them up and have tea parties.  A Teddy Bear Picnic isn’t much different – actually I think we had a few of those too.  Children get teddy bears as gifts from the moment they enter this world.  Teddy bears are comforting.  They are there for children to hug, to catch their tears, to play with, and be a part of the world of imagination.  Most people keep their bears through adulthood.  I did have mine – but they burned in a fire about 23 years ago.  If you know where your bears are, maybe today would be a good day to step back into childhood for an hour or so, and have a picnic with your Teddy Bear in the shade.  Walking down memory lane with our best childhood buddy can sometimes be very relaxing.

Do you know the origin of the Teddy Bear?  I thought this was really interesting.  During the early 1900s, President Theodore Roosevelt was the President of the United States.  He was a hunter.  While he was hunting in Mississippi in 1902, he refused to shoot a small bear.  The Washington Post picked up on the story and made a cartoon out of it.  Morris and Rose Michtom, toy store owners, wrote to President Roosevelt for permission to call the stuffed animals they created “Teddy Bears”.  The little stuffed bears became wildly popular – beyond anyone’s expectation.  Their toy company grew to become the Ideal Toy Company – one of the largest toy companies in the world.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time! 
We have been searching for the best first teddy bear to get for Baby B.  I think we may have found one on Amazon.  She’s too little to play with it – obviously – but it can be waiting for her when she gets a bit older!

Don’t Step On A Bee Day – I’m sure we’ve all been stung by a bee at one time or another – or at least I would think MOST of us have.  I remember the most painful sting was when I was about 7 years old – those horrible one piece, polyester jumpsuits were in style, with the really wide legs. . . remember those? Hideous creations – what were our parents thinking, dressing us in those things?  Anyway, I was down at my Grandma’s neighbor’s house, admiring her koi pond (I loved wandering in and out of the ponds and through her flower garden.  On the way home from her house, going back to Grandma’s, a bee flew up my pant leg and stung me on my inner thigh.  Oh my gosh! It hurt so badly!  I remember dancing around, squalling at a horrible pitch, and crying my eyes out.  Grandma actually found the stinger – which to my eyes at that age was HUGE!  I’m not allergic, but I did sweel up an astounding amount.  I’ve been stung since then, but that was the most memorable. Ouch!  Disturbingly, bees have had dramatic declines in their population in recent years.  This impacts our lives in a very profound way, as the loss of our bees affects how our plants are pollinated.  The production of honey is also put at extreme risk with the loss of bees.  So, it seems right that bees should have a special day all their own.  Today you can celebrate this one by planting flowers that bees love to drink from, like bee balm and clover.  Did you know that there are more than 140,000 beekeepers in the United States?  Or that North Dakota is the top honey-producing state in the nation?  How about that pollination by the honeybee is valued at more than $14 billion to U.S. agriculture alone?  I didn’t either!  Let’s show some respect to our bees, be aware EVERY day not to do harm to them.  We need them, more than we probably knew thought we did.

Hot Dog Night – We already had hot dog night when we celebrate the Hot Dog Month – but I guess it never hurts to celebrate it again, if your appetite so desires.  I don’t think mine does . . . but if you feel the urge, please celebrate hot dogs! They are easy to fix, and come in a variety of flavors, fat content, etc. and typically anyone can be happy with them for dinner!  Enjoy!

This Day In History

1985 – After an unsuccessful attempt to change it’s formula, Coca-Cola brings back the ever popular original formula as “Classic Coke”.

Food Celebration of the Day –

National Pina Colada Day – When people think of Piña Colada’s it is often in the context of tropical vacations.  Today though, you can enjoy one of these delicious, cold concoctions even if you’re going to be at home.  If you don’t drink alcohol, that’s OK!  Non-alcoholic yummy drinks and desserts are easy to make as well.  Just as refreshing and festive, without any possible side effects. The Piña Colada was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and means “strained pineapple” in Spanish. Here are some ideas from to get you started! Have fun!



Mmmmm, doesn’t that sound delicious on a hot day?  An icy cold, creamy Pina Colada?  I haven’t had one of those in years.  I don’t think I have the ingredients on hand, but I can dream, right?  Time to run!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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