Be An Angel To Someone Today . . .

Aug 22nd

I survived my day off and made it out of bed on time this morning.  That alone is a great thing to celebrate, considering that I was on my feet from the time I hit PUBLISH until after 9:00 last night.  My feet are a little sore, but I got quite a bit done.  As usual my list was longer than the hours in the day, but it was still productive.  Being tired is worth it to feel like there was a lot accomplished, don’t you think?

Be an Angel Day – This special day has strong spiritual roots.  Jayne Howard Feldman, the lady who created this day, said that she was inspired by angels to create this day to be celebrated on August 22nd.  The objective of the day was to be like angels and do kind things for people.  Sort of a reminder that we are to be servants of God, to do good things to others, and help those in need.  Be An Angel Day is good for both the giver and the receiver.  Openly expressing your appreciation for the angels in your life, and being grateful for the gifts they are to us, makes this whole celebration worthwhile.  Keep your eyes open, and pay special attention.  Sometimes Angels are quietly doing their wonderful deeds so that you don’t necessarily notice.  TRUE angels don’t demand attention or thanks, so they may even go unnoticed at the time they are helping.  Of course sometimes the person doing kind things is right in front of you – letting you step in front of the line when you only have a couple of items, telling you that you dropped some money, helping you by taking your shopping cart back to the store from the car, and other little things like that.  Please  do not limit YOUR behavior to once a year though – live like someone’s angel every day! 

This Day In History

1911 – The Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre

Food Celebration of the Day

National Eat A Peach Day – I love peaches.  Just walking past a display of ripe peaches in the store can get my saliva glands working overtime.  I’d never actually been to a peach orchard though until my husband and I took a few days to drive around the eastern part of our state.  We stopped at an orchard and the aroma was incredible! Like nothing I’d ever smelled before.  The hot summer air warmed those peaches up, and sent that incredible peachy goodness everywhere.  My mouth is watering just THINKING about it!  Now I know why my Grandma’s canned peaches were so delicious.  She lives over there and would go to the orchards every year and put up big batches of them.  No matter what else she canned, those peaches were always my favorite.  Whether you like them fresh and juicy out of hand or baked into a luscious dessert, peaches are a summer must. Enjoy them while you still can!

I’d love to hear about any special angels in your life, or how you were a special angel to someone else, if you care to share.  I love hearing from my readers!  I need to run . . . I may have been up on time, but I can’t risk being late to work now!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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