Bagels, Pizzas, Toothaches and Books – Oh My!

Feb 9th

Toothache Day –  My question is . . . why?  I know I’ve talked about a lot of different and bizarre days, but this one is a doozy.  It’s possible that the originator was having a horrible toothache and set this day up as a reminder for people to take good care of their teeth, so they could avoid the same suffering in the future.  (sounds plausible, right?)  Be sure to go in to see your dentist regularly for your cleanings and exams – keep those toothaches away!  And while you’re taking care of your teeth, maybe it’s a good time to pick up a new toothbrush!  I know every single year I put toothbrushes in my kids stockings – and yes, I know they are all grown up now – but they are still my “babies” and they will always and forever get a new toothbrush in their stockings, just like they have since they grew their first tooth.  I must wonder though – do you suppose it’s a coincidence that the Hershey Chocolate Corporation was founded on this day back in 1894?

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice long soak in a sudsy bathtub?  And how better to enjoy a solitary bath than reading a good book in the tub!  Well, today is your day to do just that because it is Read In The Bathtub Day.  Today’s celebration is a license to relax and enjoy two of life’s simple pleasures – a soak and a good book.    Gather everything together that you’ll need – your fluffiest towels and robe, the book you’re going to get lost in while you soak, scented bubbles, something to drink, candles and a lighter or matches, a radio (set far away from the tub of course) playing quietly for background music, and a hand towel set nearby just in case you need to dry your hands off.  Once you’re settled into the water, lean back against a tub pillow if you have one, and let the warmth just soak into your sore and tired muscles.  Relaxing in the tub!

National Bagel Day – Across the country day bagel shops are celebrating National Bagel Day!  Noah’s Bagels is giving away a free bagel of choice with the purchase of a cup of coffee, and I’m sure other shops are too.  Ahhhhh Noah’s Bagels – LOVE that place!  There was one across the street from my office when I worked in Seattle.  I got off the bus 1 block south and had to pass by it every single day on my way to work.  Oh my goodness, the aroma that wafted out to greet me every single day was nearly intoxicating.  I allowed myself a treat once a week of breakfast from Noah’s and it was always the same thing.  A large cup of coffee and an Everything Bagel with Garlic Cream Cheese (I know – not the best thing to eat when working with patients – thank goodness for gum) and a slice of tomato.  I don’t miss that commute but I sure do miss my weekly bagel!  What’s your favorite flavor of bagel and cream cheese?

National Pizza Pie Day  – One of our country’s favorite dishes is pizza! And today there’s every reason to indulge for we celebrate the deliciousness that is pizza today.  It doesn’t matter if you buy it, make it, or have it delivered, Americans eat about 46 acres of pizza each year.  That works out to be about 5.75 pizzas for each of us!

I remember when I was little we didn’t have many pizza places around where we lived – so we were really thrilled when Shakey’s Pizza opened up not far from home.  Remember Shakey’s? They played silent movies, and had those little signs on the walls with all of these funny sayings on them.   Many birthdays in our family were celebrated at Shakey’s, and so many happy memories were created at those parties surrounded by family and friends.  For local folks though, the two BEST pizzas you can find are both within a few hours drive from Seattle – Bruno’s Pizza in Longview, WA – has some of the most incredible pepperoni pizza I have ever tasted – their crust is cracker crisp, with crunchy pepperoni slices literally piled on top by the handsful – they crisp it up ahead of time, THEN put it on the pizza and bake it some more.  Oh my, it’s good.  We used to go there when I was growing up. My Grandparents lived not far from Bruno’s – Grandpa especially loved their pizza and looked forward to going there.   It wasn’t a common outing, as my Grandma couldn’t see the point in wasting money on going out to eat when there was perfectly good food at home, but every once in awhile we could talk her into it.  The other one – probably the very best pizza I have ever tasted in my life – was down at Cape Disappointment, right in the park at an old bus stop.  “Serious Pizza” makes the most amazing wood fire pizza right there in the park, with all hand made, fresh, organic ingredients.  I can honestly say that I have never had any pizza before, or since, that was THAT delicious and I am looking forward to heading down there again – hopefully this summer – for some more.  We had four different kinds (2 – 1/2 and 1/2 pies) last summer on our camping trip and were already wishing we could have had more when we were heading home at the end of the trip.  They even deliver to your camp site! 

Did you know that . . . 36% of all pizzas ordered are pepperoni pizzas; Pizza most likely originated not in Italy but in Greece or Rome; Most believe that the first pizzeria was Lombardi’s in New York City (1905) ; 17% of all restaurants in the U.S. are pizzerias.

So, whether you make it at home, pick up a take-n-bake, or get a pizza from the best pizza place in the country . . . celebrate this day with a slice of cheesy goodness.

May your weekend be bright, you and yours be healthy and well, and may God bless you.  Have a wonderful Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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