Awwwww, Celebrating Bunny Rabbits!

Sep 27th

Aren’t Saturdays wonderful?  No alarm clocks, getting up to have a leisurely breakfast, slowly getting together and doing whatever it is your hearts desire.  A quick look in the morning paper will tell you everything in your area that there is to do, and right now there’s lots going on, with Oktoberfest stuff happening all over.  In our neck of the woods there is “Old Mill Days” happening in Port Gamble.  I LOVE Old Mill Days, and we usually go every year.  We may find the time to pass through on our way to or from going to have lunch with our daughter.  They have lumberjack competitions – these guys are REALLY impressive! – booths, food, chainsaw carvers, a carnival and an antique car show.  All of this is nestled in a tiny town on the edge of a bay, with the mountains shining in the distance and a feeling of stepping back in time when you wander through down the street.  I remember the first time I went to Old Mill Days, I was absolutely mind boggled at how picturesque everything was, truly feeling like I was stepping into the pages of an historical romance novel.  Do you have something fun like this where you live?  If you happen to be in our part of Washington this weekend, swing through Port Gamble and take in a bit of country culture.  It will something you never forget.

Crush A Can Day – I am really unsure WHY someone decided to create this particular celebration, but they must have had a reason, so the least we can do is to celebrate it with them!  Today is all about crushing the cans around you – soda cans, soup cans, whatever you have that is sitting there empty.  How flat can you squish it?  It can be quite a stress reliever actually!  Try it – give it a big squeeze . . . great!  There are no rules, just crush those cans! 

International Rabbit Day – This celebration set out to protect rabbits as pets and in the wild.  Animal rights groups and humane societies are active promoters of this special day.  What they’d like to accomplish is to promote healthy, caring environments for rabbits that are raised to be pets, and those living in the wild.  They also want to stop the killing of rabbit for their furs, and the use of rabbit on restaurant menus.  I completely agree with only getting a rabbit as a pet if you know you will care for and nurture it throughout its life, getting it the proper veterinary care as you would a dog or a cat.  Honestly, though I have not personally ever eaten rabbit, it is a very healthy meat that is eaten by many people every day.  I have a friend who raises rabbits specifically for food, treating them with kindness as they grow, giving them a very happy life, but with the knowledge that they are not pets, they are food.  If I was very hungry I could eat rabbit, but I used to have a pet bunny and I wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with the thought.  This picture is the bunny that visits our backyard . . . he’s so cute! 

Food Celebration of the Day

Corned Beef Hash – I’ve had corned beef out of a can – it was OK – pretty salty though.  Here are some recipes using the corned beef from a can from  The one AFTER those I found from a corned beef recipe site that shows how to make it from scratch.  I pre-cooked a chunk of corned beef last night and got up this morning to make this for breakfast! It wasn’t bad!  I think I actually boiled too much salt out of it, but who needs all that sodium anyway, right?

* Corned Beef Hash With EggsRed Flannel Hash
* Corned Beef Hash * PattiesCorned Beef Hash With Poached Eggs & Hollandaise
* Corned Beef Hash Pie
* Corned Beef Hash
* Glorified Hash

Try making it from scratch!

Now that we are stuffed on breakfast, it’s time to get ready to go see our beautiful daughter.  Have a fantastic Saturday, and remember to celebrate the little things! God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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