Are You In The Doghouse? Time To Make Amends And Get Out Of It!

Jul 15th

Another weekend behind us, and the countdown to the new weekend has begun!  I hate to wish the summer away, but the weekends just go by way too fast!  This has been a good one though, so I guess I’m ready to get started on the new week.  Hope you are too!

Today is Cow Appreciation Day  – Cows are a pretty important part of our culture, in terms of food anyway.  Think about it, they provide us with food, leather, milk and all of the wonderful things we make from it.  And honestly, they are pretty cute too, with their big, brown eyes surrounded by lashes.  The babies are especially adorable. 

Global Hug Your Kid Day – This one has sad beginnings, but the message behind it is so important.  In 1988 journalist Michelle Nichols lost her eight year old son to brain cancer.  She founded Global Hug Your Kids Day in 2008.  It is celebrated every third Monday in July, and is intended to encourage every mother and father around the world to hug their children every day.  Hugging your kids isn’t just to make them, or you, feel good.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, hugging children early in life can help to prevent toxic stress.  As a result they may prevent everything from heart disease to poverty later in life.  Today would be a wonderful day to grab your kids and give them a big hug. Tell you them you love them and make sure they never forget it. 

National Get Out of the Doghouse Day – Today is a day to be on your best behavior, and keep your fingers crossed about getting a suspended sentence for whatever it is you did wrong.  Maybe it would be a good idea to make a stop at a card shop, or to the mall to pick up a little something to communicate how sorry you are for whatever it was you did wrong, and how hard you are going to try to do better.  If you’ve been snappy with someone you love, been harsh with them for something that wasn’t their fault, or just made someone feel bad, step up and do the right thing to make amends.  Don’t let too much time go by before you make it better.   

This Day In History

1844 – Vulcanized rubber is patented by Goodyear.      
1869 – Margarine is patented.

For lots of other events from this day, take a look at them all!

Food Celebration of the Day


National Gummy Worm Day –  Kids seem to love gummy worms and there are some adults who turn from sophisticated grown-ups into kids when they open a package of them. 

Gummi candies were first created in Germany in 1922 by Hans Riegel Bonn. He created the gummi bear, which was a huge hit.  The first gummi bears were manufactured in American in 1981, the same year the gummi worm was introduced.  We have all sorts of different gummy candies, but the worms seem to be the most popular, and are the top-selling gummy candy in the world.  Here are some recipes using gummi bears! Have fun!

Today is a light hearted celebration day, so please enjoy every moment of it.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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