Appreciating Excellence . . .Three Different Ways

Jan 12th

Well, as far as obscure, bizarre and little known celebration days go – this one’s a LOT on the boring side.  Sorry – I don’t make them up, I just talk about them. . . . so prepare for . . . well, not a lot.

Today is National Pharmacist’s Day! Can I get a Woohoo? No? Well, think about this for a moment. Pharmacists must have knowledge of the chemistry of all medicines.  They have to be able to tell their customers/patients about the side effects of drugs, and all aspects of prescription medication.  It is very important that they understand and recognize the interactions that different medications may have when taken together, since so many people take multiple medications at a time.  I only have to see a pharmacist on very rare occasions -but if you happen to see your pharmacist today, wish them a Happy Pharmacists Day! Pharmacist Day Quiz: What was the first name of  Mr. Gower, the pharmacist in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”? See answer below.

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day  – for all the men out there, this could be YOUR day – if you’re a fabulous wild guy!   I searched everywhere I could to find out why this day was set aside for this, and nobody knows.  It’s listed on many sites, but none have anything but speculation as to what it all means.  One idea is that it’s a day for women to feast their eyes on some fabulously wild men.  Others suggest that perhaps it’s a day to treat your Fabulous Wild Man to a feast.  No matter how you choose to celebrate it, if you have a fabulous man in your life – give him a special treat and let him know that to you, he’s the most fabulous of them all.

Since it’s a little slow around here for today, I thought I’d spend a moment talking about a VERY important focus for the entire month of January – National Self-Defense Awareness.  In these uncertain times – with our economy, with our political situation and with the stability of society sinking further and further into desperation, debravity or both – people are turning on each other in greater numbers than ever before.  Home invasions, car jackings, attacks in stores, parks, schools, even churches – are so frequent as to be commonplace.  One way to prevent being a statistical victim of one of these crimes is to learn how to defend yourself, and to do so instinctively.  If you have to take the time to think about what to do when an attack happens, you are already too late, and you’re either dead or severely injured.  Do you remember the Pink Panther movies?  Inspector Clouseau’s butler Kato was always jumping out and attacking Clouseau – to keep him on his toes. My hubby has been trying to teach me a few things in the Kato/Clouseau SURPRISE attack model, but I’m still in the stop, think and then react mode – I’m trying to get better, but it is definitely something that takes practice, practice, practice.  He’ll keep helping me until my reactions become automatic.  Someday I may need to react without thinking, and this is definitely a good way to keep me aware of what is going on around me.  I encourage each of you to take a class, study up on different self-defense practices, and learn how NOT to become a victim in this age of uncertainty.   Answer to Pharmacist Day Quiz: Question: What was the first name of  Mr. Gower, the pharmacist in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life? Answer: Mr. Emil Gower was the Pharmacist. Upset over the death of his son in the war, Mr. Gower accidentally filled a prescription with cyanide. George Bailey caught the mistake. Mr. Gower was played by H.B. Warner (1875-1958). Whether you are appreciating the expertise of your pharmaceutical provider, the wild man in your life, or learning to be an expert at taking care of yourself – know that excellence comes in many forms – the excellence we see in others and that we can see in ourselves.  God bless you as you go about your Saturday.  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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