Anniversary of One of the Most Famous Songs ANY of Us Knows!

Jun 27th

Oooooh we made it all the way through the week, and now Baby B is officially LATE!  I know that no matter how impatient I am to meet her, that her Mommy and Daddy are so much more so!  COME ON BABY! Tonight or early tomorrow would be PERFECT so we can spend some time getting to know our little princess without feeling like we have to hurry back to work. 

Sunglasses Day –  I wear sunglasses year around.  Bright sunlight gives me an intense headache, but more than that, it makes my eyes hurt!  So today celebrates the very important accessory that I don’t go anywhere without – it’s as connected to me as my purse!  With summer in full swing it’s even more important for me to keep them on me.  People wear sunglasses for different reasons though – besides shading the sun.  A few of the reasons (though some seem a trifle silly to me) are that they want to be like movie stars, since we often see movie stars in big sunglasses.  Maybe they are in disguise – espionage anyone?  It is a fashion statement and goes with their outfit.  For me though, it’s protection from the bright sun.  My prescription sunglasses have a UV protection coating too, since the optician told me that protecting your eyes from UV rays can help to prevent cataracts.  Be sure to keep those sunglasses on in the winter too, as those sun’s rays reflect back at you off of the snow! OK, and I admit to a slight amount of vanity – when you wear sunglasses you don’t squint as much against the sunlight.  People who squint have many more wrinkles around their eyes, and honestly, I just can’t deal with having a bunch of those yet! 

Decide To Be Married Day – I couldn’t find much information on this one, except that it is based on the poem “Decide to Be Married”:  “It’s in the deciding to be united in love, to express your joyful oneness to every person you meet, and in every action you take and together a perfect marriage you’ll make.”  Beyond that, it’s an inspiration to all of us who are already married, or perhaps planning to, to put our attention fully on the one we love and make our marriages the best they can possibly be.  No couple has a perfect relationship, but recognizing each others imperfections and accepting them fully, is a great thing.  Remember always, no matter how imperfect your partner may seem to you, you are equally flawed and they are working at accepting you too!  Basing your love on  friendship, mutual respect, shared interests and spiritual beliefs will help your decision to be married last.  This is a decision that we renew each day and we are blessed to be able to do so.

“Happy Birthday To You” Day – So many interesting stories start with the words “Once upon a time”, and this one does too! Once upon a time, in 1893, a pair of sisters wrote a simple song for their nursery school and kindergarten students.  Mildred J. Hill wrote a simple tune, and Patty Smith Hill wrote some equally simple, repetitive words: Good morning to you, Good morning to you, Good morning, dear children, Good morning to all. The two sang the catchy song with their young students, but they also published it in a songbook for children. The song caught on. (That’s the thing about catchy songs, isn’t it?)  The students started singing it back to the teachers, changing the words a little.   The “good morning to all” became another “good morning to you” and “dear teacher” took the place of “dear children”.  Someone, somewhere changed the song yet again for somebody’s birthday and the now very familiar and famous song was born: “Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear so-and-so [insert name here], Happy birthday to you. This song is by far the most well-known song in the English-speaking world—maybe the entire world!—and it’s been used in millions of music boxes, watches, musical greeting cards, and other for-profit products. It’s been sung on TV and on Broadway and in movies, in space and underwater living spaces, in homes and schools, businesses and hospitals. Many people think that students who sang the Good Morning song spontaneously changed the lyrics at birthday parties. Which would mean that the most widely known song in the world was “written” by a bunch of five- and six-year-old kids whose names we do not know!  Now,  here’s the weird part…this super-simple, heard everywhere song, written in the 1800s, perhaps by a bunch of kids, is still protected by copyright!  Sources are unclear about who filed copyright on “Happy Birthday to You,” when, on whose behalf. Some sources say that another Hill sister sued and received copyright protection for Patty and Mildred Hill, and that the Hill Foundation collects royalties even to this day, but another source says that the publisher of the Hill’s original “Good Morning” song filed for copyright on the birthday version. Whatever the case, it seems that some of the profit-making enterprises that use the popular birthday song do pay royalties—adding up to perhaps two million dollars worth of royalties per year! It’s complete fine to sing the song in private, with small groups at birthday parties, for example, but it is technically a violation to sing it in profit-making venues with a lot of people. This is why a lot of restaurants use original songs or other birthday songs—they want to avoid any copyright lawsuits! Many movies and television shows show people singing just a few notes (apparently this is “fair use” and doesn’t cost anything), but those who show people singing the entire song have to pay $10,000 for the privilege! My goodness! By the way, copyright laws differ from nation to nation. The song will become “public domain” (free for anyone to use, even for-profit or large groups) in Europe in 2016, and it will move to public domain status in the U.S. in 2030. And, here’s one more fact to confuse you: some lawyers think that the song is already in public domain, right now, because the actual “authors” of the song (who, remember, might be a bunch of kids) weren’t the ones who filed for copyright. It’s all a bit tangled up, but it’s still interesting!


National Bomb Pop Day –  Bomb Pops are are popsicles with three flavors.  After seeing the picture I remembered that I loved these when I was little!  We often had “regular” popsicles in the house, but when Mom brought home Bomb Pops, it was special!  The trick was eating them quickly enough to keep them from melting too fast, but eat them carefully, one flavor at a time.  My goodness, now I want a Bomb Pop!  Maybe over the 4th of July!    Yum!


PTSD Awareness Day – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) used to be called shell shock, or battle fatigue syndrome.  It is a serious condition that can develop after a person has gone through, or witnessed, a traumatic or terrifying event where serious physical harm occurred, or was threatened.  PTSD is the “gift” that just keeps on giving as a consequence of a traumatic ordeal that can cause intense fear, helplessness, or horror – such as a sexual assault, the unexpected death of someone they love, an accident, war, or even a natural disaster.  Families of victims, emergency personnel and rescue workers can also develop PTSD after a traumatizing event.  Some PTSD reactions can be shock, anger, nervousness, fear and even guilt.  Some people suffer from the trauma for the rest of their lives – increasing over time until they cannot live a normal life, and some the feelings fade over time.  The monster that is PTSD is a cruel task master, one that in many victims, repeats the ordeal they’ve been through with thoughts and memories that keep it alive and fresh in their minds.  Sometimes this includes flashbacks, hallucinations and nightmares. There is often great distress when anniversary dates of the trauma rolls around.  They avoid people, places, thoughts and situations that remind them of the trauma, which can make them feel detached and isolated.  The problems that they have relating to others can include feeling and showing affection, difficulty falling asleep – or staying that way, being irritable, angry or jumpy and easily startled.  They can even have physical symptoms, like high blood pressure and heart rate, rapid breathing, muscle tension, nausea and diarrhea.  There’s the clinical description.  If you’ve ever known someone with PTSD, the reality is horrible.  It is the nightmare that doesn’t end, and when people don’t understand, it just makes it worse.  I know several people who suffer to one degree or another.  Watching what they go through just fills my heart with such sadness, and honestly all I can do is hold them, and pray that their hearts and minds heal from the horror they’ve been put through.  Please, take some time to pray with, or for, a veteran, a victim of abuse, someone you know who suffers from PTSD.  Those prayers could be their lifeline.



This Day In History –

1859 – The song “Happy Birthday to You” was first sung.       
1934 – The Federal Savings and Loan Association is created.

Food Celebration of the Day

Happy Birthday To You Day – I wrote about the history of the song above, but what about the cakes we celebrate birthdays with each year?  Yum!  What kind of cake should be up to the birthday person – whether it’s classic cake or ice cream cake, there’s usually a soft spot in our hearts for a lovely slice.  I prefer chocolate. Yum!


Well, I hope in all of these things, you find something to make your Friday go by quickly.  I’m sure everyone is enthusiastic about getting the weekend started.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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