And The Angel Of The Lord Appeared To Shepherds Watching Over Their Flocks . . .

Dec 15th

Good Morning and Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent!  For anyone who has been following along with the advent readings from my blog with the advent tutorial, this week is Shepherd week.  I can’t help but think about those shepherds, just doing their jobs watching over their sheep, minding their own business.  I’m betting they were walking around, trying to stay awake as they watched for wolves, thieves, or anyone else who would endanger their flocks.  I’m betting when the Angel of the Lord appeared, in all of its amazing glory and shining brightness, that the poor shepherds were TERRIFIED!  Who wouldn’t be?  It’s not like some little cupid came wandering through the field and whispered a message to them! No! A MIGHTY angel appeared and announced the coming of the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the Messiah was HERE!  He was born this night!  These poor guys must have flattened themselves to the ground, face first, in abject fear, before the wonder and the glory took over.  What an honor!  They were recipients of an amazing and wondrous message!  The MESSIAH IS BORN THIS DAY!  REJOICE! HOSANNA TO THE HIGHEST!  Please rejoice today, for our Lord is here, He is born, He is alive, He is here to save us! Praise God for His glorious might!

Bill of Rights Day – This is one that I am passionate about, as I’m sure many of us are, and ALL of us should be!  The Bill of Rights are key amendments to the U.S. Constitution that protect our individual rights.  These rights are at risk every single day by people who want to take them away from us, intent on pushing forward their own agenda.  This is why these amendments were put into place, to prevent government from becoming too powerful and stripping us of our right to live free, which is what the founding fathers intended.  On March 4, 1789, the Constitution of the United States of America was ratified by the (former) 13 colonies, and went into effect.  There was concern by states and individuals that the Constitution did not properly cover and protect a number of rights of individuals, so when it was signed by the original 13 states, it was done with the understanding that a Bill of Rights would be created, amending the new U.S. Constitution. On September 25, 1789, the First Congress of the United States proposed to the state legislatures 12 amendments to the Constitution.  Of those 12 proposed amendments, 10 were added to the Constitution on December 15, 1791.  The Bill of Rights includes these Amendments:

Amendment 1 – Freedom of Speech, Press and Religion
Amendment 2 – The right to bear arms.
Amendment 3 – Protection of homeowners from quartering troops, except during war.
Amendment 4 – Rights and protections against unreasonable search and seizure.
Amendment 5 – Rights of due process of law, protection against double jeopardy, self incrimination
Amendment 6 – Rights of a speedy trial by jury of peers and rights of accused.
Amendment 7 – Rights to trial by jury in civil cases.
Amendment 8 – Protection from cruel and unusual punishment, excessive bail.
Amendment 9 – Protection of rights not specified by Bill of Rights.
Amendment 10 – States rights, power of the states.

Now, what I thought was really interesting was that the original Amendments 1 & 2 did not pass.  They dealt with the number of representatives to Congress and compensation to representatives.  Had they passed, there would be over 6,000 congressmen today.  The ones we have can’t get a darned thing done, can you imagine the chaos with THAT many? 

We are blessed to have rights that many countries to not, and we, as citizens of this great nation must stand up and be strong.  Say NO in the face of those who would strip of us of these rights, say NO to government officials who would return us to the status of subjects, rather than citizens.  WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE ONES WHO VOTED THESE PEOPLE IN, AND WE THE PEOPLE MUST STAND STRONG! They work for US, not the other way around.       

Cat Herders Day – Do you ever feel like you have an impossible task and no matter what you do, the individual pieces of it get away from you?  It’s like you are trying to manage the unmanageable.  Sometimes it is work, sometimes home, or even school.  It may be a combination of all of these things, and it ends up being a little like trying to herd cats.  Have you ever TRIED to gather a group of cats into one place? It’s pretty much impossible.  I have trouble getting two of them together to take them to their vet appointments and the little brats sense what is going on and scatter.  I’m fairly certain they plot it out in advance for maximum frustrations.  Well, with Christmas approaching at break-neck speed, and all of us with so much on our lists to do, I’m sure we feel a little like we are cat herders.  Take a breath.  If it all gets done, great, if not – will the world end?  It’s not likely.  Just relax, and take care of one thing on the list at a time.  They’ll get done – or they won’t.  Embrace each one as it comes along and deal with them head on.

This Day in History

1791 – The Bill of Rights are enacted, amending the U.S. Constitution     
1890 – Sioux Chief Sitting Bull was killed by Indian police.             
1939 – Gone With the Wind premiered in where else but Atlanta, Georgia.
1944 – Infamous band leader Glenn Miller died in a plane crash over the English Channel.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Cupcake Day/National Lemon Cupcake Day –  Today I found two different food celebration listings for cupcakes – one for just cupcakes in general, and one for lemon cupcakes.  Either way – today we embrace them for the wonderful little treats that they are!  Cupcakes are cute, and very portable, but there’s one big reason they caught on in the early 1800s: Their tiny size allows them to cook more quickly and evenly than one large cake.






Now, I found this recipe for lemon cupcakes on All Recipes, but a little addendum – I fill mine with lemon curd as well for EXTRA lemony flavor.

Today was supposed to be spent doing more Christmas baking, but I’m going to have to tackle that after work a few nights this week.  I have other things that have come up today which take priority  so this next week I’ll be feeling like I’m herding cats for sure! Yikes!  Merry Christmas, God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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