Ah, Being Lazy! Now THERE’S One I Can Celebrate With A Smile!

Aug 10th

Do you ever look out at the blue sky and trees and just feel like your breath is taken away by the beauty?  I am sitting in my living room looking out at the various shades of green in the trees, the sun shining down through the branches in glorious, golden beams, with the brilliant blue sky stretching as far as the eye can see.  In the distance I can hear the sound of sea planes landing and taking off, and know that there are many others out there just enjoying this amazing day.  I’m not a fan of heat, so I will enjoy it from the comparative cool of the indoors.

Lazy Day – It’s a good thing that this is Sunday, because today is Lazy Day!  I am taking this opportunity to goof off and do as little as necessary.  Oh sure, there are things I need to do – meal prep, getting things ready for work tomorrow, etc. but for the most part today will be a day of do-nothing.  Nice, right?  When the weather is hot and/or muggy it makes it easy to want to kick back and rest – takes too much  energy to deal with the heat!  The saying “There’s no lazy days, just lazy people” is something I have to disagree with! Even the most busy and go-getting among us need to sit back and relax once in awhile just to recharge the inner batteries!  Here are a few quotes to enjoy about the subject . . . 

  “Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.” — Jules Renard
“It’s true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?” — Ronald Reagan
“I’m just a lazy boy. I’d rather sit in my recliner and act.” — John Goodman

Now stop working and be lazy! We’ve earned it!

International Duran Duran Appreciation Day – If you were in school during the 80s, then you are familiar with the work of the English rock band Duran Duran.  They formed the band in 1978 and quickly became one of the hottest bands of the 80s, with multiple top hits in the UK and the US, with over 100 million records sold!  With their interest in fashion and their innovative music videos, the band earned its nickname as “the prettiest boys in rock”.  The original members included Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Stephen Duffy, and even though the members have changed over the years, Duran Duran still tours today with the original members Rhodes and Taylor.  Now they have the added members of Simon LeBon and Roger Taylor.  Though nobody really knows why this day is celebrated on August 10th, one source has said that it was because on this date in 1985, lead singer Simon LeBon survived a near fatal accident when his yacht capsized during a 608 mile race.  The band thanks their fans for all of their support for all of these years, and even acknowledge this appreciation day on their website.  Here’s a link to their video “Rio” from You Tube.  Takes you back, doesn’t it?

Skyscraper Appreciation Day – I admit, I enjoy going to the city to visit, but I am NOT a city girl by any means.  I can appreciate the architectural beauty of a building reaching far into the sky, but it’s a rare occurrence for me to visit one, and that’s OK by me.  So why are we appreciating skyscrapers today?  Well, today is the birthday of the famous architect William Can Alen, who is behind the construction of the Chrysler Building – one of New York City’s more iconic landmarks.  This day was started by Dr. Tom Stevens, who started it so the general public could admire the structural and architectural brilliance of skyscrapers.  I get it – when you have a city that is a limited number of miles in width, you have to build UP to accommodate everyone.  I’m not a huge fan of up, which is why I live in the country!  I don’t have to do UP where I live since the tallest building in our town is 4 stories tall.  I remember when we had the 6.8 earthquake in 2001, I worked in Seattle.  Though I worked in a small building that was only 2 levels, I had friends who worked in a couple of skyscrapers downtown, and they reported that on the upper floors where they worked, because of the way the buildings were built – to protect them in the event of an earthquake, that the entire building swayed back and forth several feet!  How scary!  Of course, that beats having the whole thing crumble, but still rather disconcerting!  No, I’ll stick with small buildings happily and leave the skyscraper appreciation to the folks who don’t mind all of those stairs and elevators.

This Day In History

1833 – The village of Chicago is incorporated.      
1948- “Smile, You’re on Candid Camera”. Allen Funt’s wildly popular show debuts.   

Food Celebration of the Day

National S’mores Day   Is there a treat out there that embodies summer like the s’more?  If there is, I don’t know what it is, so please let me know.  Though nobody really knows if the Girl Scouts actually created the s’more, we do have them to thank for bringing these delicious little morsels to the public eye.  They published the first s’more recipe in 1927 – so thank you Girl Scouts!   Sticky and gooey, loaded with sugar and carbs, s’mores are nothing short of delicious.  And there are so many different ways to enjoy them as people have experimented with them.  I’ve tried them with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and also using Chocolate Chip Cookies instead of Graham Crackers, but the old fashioned s’more is the very best. With that said though, I had a friend come over not all that long ago and she brought a delicious specialty chocolate bar with her that had coconut in it . . . OH MY GOODNESS! That was DELICIOUS on the s’mores!   Head outside for a nice bonfire and some s’mores today – get that feeling of summer with one of the best bonfire desserts ever.


It’s obvious by how late this post is this morning (and it technically IS still morning for a few minutes more), that I have already been celebrating Lazy Day by sleeping in until 8, then getting a slow start on brunch and finally to the computer.  We’ve already listened to a couple of Duran Duran songs, so we have that one covered.  I’ll bypass the skyscrapers, thank you very much, and it’s a really good thing that we don’t have any chocolate in the house or I’d be seriously considering day 2 off the healthy food wagon!  Yesterday was worth it, but it s’mores would definitely tempt me to do it again. However you celebrate this day, do it with a happy heart and a light spirit.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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