A Day For Siblings . . . and Golfers. Enjoy!

Apr 10th

Humor Month – Joke of the Day

When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ball-point pens would not work in zero gravity.  To combat this problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion developing a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any surface including glass and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 300° C.

The Russians use a pencil.

(Soooooooo – nothing’s changed. Got it.)

Golfer’s Day   –  I’ve never known an avid golfer that wouldn’t think that every day should be Golfer’s Day, but for today, it truly is!  Golfer’s everywhere are grateful that someone invented what they say is an addicting, yet relaxing hobby.  There is only one proper way to enjoy this day . . . IF you’re a golfer . . . by playing golf of course!  If this day lands on a weekday then the truly dedicated golfer would either call in to work sick, or possibly disinterested.  I used to be the administrative assistant to the President and Vice-President of a company – they were beyond enthusiastic when it game to golf.  Every single sunny day – and many rainy ones – they’d call in to tell me that if anyone asked they were “in the field”.  I wouldn’t lie for him, and told him so.  To get around the truth a little, I’d say that he was “in A field”.  Technically it was true.  He was in a very well manicured field with lovely water features and sand traps.  As for me, I’ve never played golf, don’t care if I ever do.  Now, if they were to start a Miniature or Putt-Putt Golfer’s Day . . . well, I’m in!!! 

National Sibling Day  – Today was designed to be a day to appreciate and cherish your brothers and sisters.  It’s a wonderful sentiment, and I hope that everyone loves their siblings.  I’m sure that the thought is great, but seriously, anyone who has ever had a sibling – no matter HOW much they love them – they will not be likely to say (or at least very few would) that they cherished them growing up!  If your sibling(s) are younger than you, like mine is, then you dealt with the baby coming into the family and stealing all the attention and dividing the affections of your parents away from you 100% and making you share them!  If your sibling(s) are older than you, like I am to my brother, then you had to deal with being punished for getting revenge for the baby taking all of that attention that used to be yours away!  The older sibling is the guinea pig in the family – all parental experiments landed on us, since kids don’t come with a “how to” manual.  By the time the younger one comes around the parents feel like experts and the baby gets away with EVERYTHING!  That actually doesn’t ever end.  The older one is usually the responsible one, the younger one is the spoiled one. The middle child is . . . well. . .. the middle.  The parents weren’t AS hard on them, but not as lenient as on the baby.  Now there are always exceptions to this rule, and I know at least one of my readers is identifying herself as that exception right now. I know that I was actually pretty awful to my brother . . . hysterically funny! . . . but awful.  I put that boy through a lot.  I never harmed him . . . ever . . . but my gosh, sometimes the public humiliation must have really bugged him . . . like the time I made him dress up in a dress and lady’s hat and paraded him up and down the road (he was 4! Not like it scarred him for life, but it was FUNNY to a 9 year old sister!)  Now, for those people who didn’t have brothers or sisters, I actually feel sorry for them.  I know they have all of their parents attention, but Christmas must be so quiet and what’s a household without the bickering and chaos of multiple kids?  For those families I find myself hoping there are cousins around to make it FEEL like siblings.  Today, no matter what your relationship with your siblings, appreciate them for at least this one day.  They truly did enhance your life growing up, whether you know it or not.

ASPCA Day – The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was founded on April 10, 1866 in New York City by philanthropist and diplomat Henry Bergh.  Mr. Bergh had been appointed in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln to a diplomatic post at the Russian court of Czar Alexander II.  While he was there he was horrified to see work horses beaten by their peasant drivers.  On his way back to American, he visited the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals in June 1865.  This visit awakened his determination to secure a charger not only to incorporate the ASPCA but to exercise the power to arrest and prosecute those who violated the law.  He brought back strong and persuasive arguments with him and on April 10, 1866 the New York State legislature passed the charger which incorporated the ASPCA.  Nine days later the first effective anti-cruelty law in the United States was passed , which allowed the ASPCA to investigate complaints of animal cruelty and to make arrests.

Salvation Army Founder’s Day – The Salvation Army is a wonderful organization that does a lot of great things for people around the world.  It began in 1865 when William Booth, a London minister, gave up his pulpit and took his message to the streets where it would reach the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the destitute.  His mission was spiritual, but he recognized the every day needs of people and from the time he established the Salvation Army, their services now include hospitals, shelters, nurseries and thrift stores to help those who are less fortunate.


Safety Pin Day – Safety Pins are great.  They are used for all sorts of wardrobe emergencies, to hold cloth diapers closed (or at least they used to be), in punk fashion styles (late 1970s and the 1990s), etc.   Walter Hunt of New York patented the simple design of the safety pin, made with a piece of wire, a coiled spring and a clasp, on April 10, 1849, according to records with the U.S. Patent Office.   It’s always a good idea to have a couple of safety pins on hand for unexpected emergencies.  Sometimes they are great for costumes too!  When my daughter was about 12 she wanted to be a punker for her costume to wear to school.  We had the hair and clothes just right, but the outfit needed something more.  We took a safety pin, super glued the sharp point to the safety catch, then took wire snips and snipped out a little spot on that straight section.  When the opening we made was slid up to my daughters nostril, it looked like she’d pierced her nose with a safety pin!  We sterilized and put other safety pins into her ear holes, and strung a very light necklace chain from her earring to her nose “ring”.  It worked wonders! We had a LOT of people fooled!

Food Celebrations of the Day

Cinnamon Crescent Day

Cinnamon Crescent Day are as yummy as they sound. If you roll out some dough from those popular tubes with the plump guy on the front, brush them with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, roll and bake, you’ll be enjoying Cinnamon Crescents (or croissants) in about 15 minutes. Cinnamon, the “brown bark of the cinnamon tree,” is a good source of manganese, which “keeps bones strong, maintain normal blood sugar levels and helps the body synthesize fatty acids and cholesterol,” according to World’s Healthiest Foods.  I think we’re more interested in the cinnamony sweet goodness of a morning treat than health when we think of something like this though, right?

National Baked Scallops Day

Scallop Shells symbolized female fertility in ancient times.  Venus, the goddess of love, was often depicted with them, most famously in Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus.”

Today is pretty important as far as celebrations go – not the miscellaneous stuff – but the sibling celebration should be paid attention to at least.  No matter what your relationship with your siblings is like – good, bad, indifferent – they are still extremely important.  These relationships helped to form you into the person you are, so set aside the negative stuff.  Remember the fun times, the sweet moments, the memories of shared holidays, wrestling in the yard, having water balloon fights, holding each other when storms swirled around you both.  These are the moments that define who we are, and that brother or sister is a big part of that.  I know my brother doesn’t read this . . . but on the off chance he does.  . . . Happy Siblings Day.  I love you.

God Bless You! See you tomorrow!

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